Planning Begins on Hetherington Home Tour and Exhibit 


BAPA and Ridge Historical Society (RHS) are partnering to celebrate the contribution made to the built beauty of Beverly/Morgan Park by three generations of Hetherington family architects with a special exhibit at RHS opening in spring and a showcase of Hetherington-designed homes on BAPA’s Beverly/Morgan Park Home Tour, Sun., May 15.  

Plans for these events are underway, and neighbors who live in or have information about Hetherington homes are encouraged to contact BAPA and RHS to share their stories or find out more about having their homes considered for the Home Tour.  

The local architecture legacy began in the late 19th century when John Todd Hetherington began designing residences, churches, banks and parks throughout Chicagoland, and in Beverly/Morgan Park. He designed the Graver-Driscoll House, which was built in 1922 and is now the headquarters of the Ridge Historical Society. The RHS exhibit will center on the centennial of the terraced, Tudor-influenced house, a beautiful example of the buildings J.T. Hetherington built on the Ridge. 

J.T.’s son, Murray D. Hetherington joined his father’s practice which, by the 1930s, was known as Hetherington Designers & Builders. Murray’s notable homes include several elegant English Manor style residences designed in the 1920s and 1930s and built along the winding streets of North Beverly on Pleasant and Hamilton avenues and Hopkins Place.  

Murray’s son, John Murray (Jack) Hetherington, worked with his father for many years as Hetherington Architects His contributions to our community include helping to design Barker Hall and the original Beverly Arts Center, both on the campus of Morgan Park Academy.  

Do You Own a Hetherington Home? 

 If you own a Hetherington home and would like to have it considered for inclusion on BAPA’s Beverly Morgan Park Home Tour in May, contact Grace Kuikman, for details. To share information about your Hetherington home for the Ridge Historical Society’s spring exhibit, email 


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