Beverly/Morgan Park is beautiful! Exceptional homes, lovely parks, well-kept lawns and carefully tended gardens all add to the ambience that residents and visitors enjoy. BAPA works with local partners, including parks, local homeowners associations, and other agencies, to make sure the community continues to grow in beauty.


Clean and Green

Each spring, the City of Chicago hosts its annual Clean and Green, and BAPA recruits dozens of individuals and groups to assist at neighborhood parks, schools and public areas. Rakes, brooms, shovels and other tools are provided by BAPA and the 19th Ward office, and teams clear away winter debris and litter, and spruce up gardens and play areas.

Weeding Wednesdays

From June through August, BAPA staff and volunteers visit public spaces and parks throughout the community to lend a hand with weeding, litter removal and small landscaping chores. It’s up to all of us to take care of our resources, and our Weeding Wednesdays is a small way to help. Additional hands are welcome and always needed!

Openlands Tree Plantings

The trees in Beverly/Morgan Park are outstanding but require care. BAPA works with Openlands, a nonprofit organization dedicated to conserving nature, to secure grants for replacing trees lost to disease or damage. To learn more about local Openlands tree planting grants, email Mary Jo Viero, call 773-233-3100, or visit Openlands online.

Walkable/Bikeable Community 

BAPA promotes and advocates for a walkable and bikeable community that can reduce the number of vehicles and encourage healthy lifestyle choices. 

Beverly Bike map: 

Eco-Friendly Education

Through BAPA’s Know Before You Throw presentation, students in neighborhood schools learn about the need to recycle-reduce-reuse and how to put “green” ideas into action.

Save the Monarchs

The monarch butterfly is Illinois’ state insect. Its beauty is well-known, however its population has been immensely impacted by the elimination of native plant species that form the habitats needed for monarchs to feed and reproduce. As part of the Illinois Monarch Project, BAPA is leading a local initiative to help save the monarch species by increasing the amount of milkweed, native nectar plants, and monarch waystations in our community to support migrating monarchs that travel through our region