Orchids and Onions

Orchids to the South Side Irish Parade Committee for their hard work and deep commitment to bringing our community together for the St. Patrick’s Day parade every year.  

Orchids to our creative neighbors who decorate their houses for all the holidays! We love it when the lights go on for Halloween, then transform as the holidays go by for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day . . . We can’t wait to see the lights and accessories that will be welcoming spring and Easter and summer!  

Orchids to our local entrepreneurs for their fun and festive ideas for welcoming people to their businesses.  It’s great that business owners participate in promotional events organized by BAPA and the business associations, and that they go out of the way to host events and entertainment that add to the vibrancy of our community. Love Where You Shop!  

Onions to people who litter. We can’t say it enough! Every food wrapper flung from a car window, every beverage cup dropped on the sidewalk , every store receipt tossed in the corner of a parking lot adds up to an ugly scene. You know who you are – just stop!  



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