On the Spot 

By Claire O’Malley 

Ohana means “family” and you should definitely bring your family to Ohana Ice & Treats as soon as possible. Ohana is a cute little frozen treats shop near the 103rd Street Metra station.  It’s great for commuters and puts other ice cream shops to shame.  

I recently took the kids that I babysit for there and they loved it! One of them ordered Superman ice cream on a sugar cone and the other got strawberry shaved ice. For those of you who aren’t familiar with shaved ice, it is a​ dessert made of very thin shavings of ice, flavored with syrup or other sweet things. Some shaved ice places that I have been to serve treats that consist of crunchy ice, but Ohana’s shaved ice is more like a giant snowball. They have 24 shaved ice flavors. You can even get more than one flavor on the shaved ice; I love the combination of mango and pineapple!  

When I was looking at the menu, figuring out what delicious treat to order I wish I had skipped lunch and had room to order everything off the menu, which even I would be able to afford. In addition to the shaved ice and ice cream, they serve smoothies and milkshakes and more  

Now, every time I babysit, the kids beg me to take them to Ohana! We love it, and you will too. Ohana is located at 1800 W. 103rd St. 773-253-8533.  

(The Villager’s new teen correspondent, Claire O’Malley is an 8th grader in the Academic Center at Lindblom Math and Science Academy. Her interests include art and theatre, and she has been a student at Second City for several years.)  


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