Old House Lecture Series Kicks Off This Month  

 By Mary Jo Viero 


Housing Preservation is one of the many roles that BAPA has in the community. We aim to highlight the importance of our unique and historic homes and provide resources to help our neighbors maintain them. 

Our housing, building stock, and architecture are something we take pride in and protect. It provides the backdrop for our slogan, Village in the City. 

The annual BAPA Home Tour on May 19, is an example of BAPA’s work. Each year we choose 5 unique homes to showcase and provide a glimpse into the many different styles of homes we have with incredible architecture and craftsmanship on display. This year our theme is Recognizing the Past while Building for the Future. 

BAPA builds awareness of our significant and historic structures in other ways too. 

Every Monday, we choose a home in the neighborhood to share on social media called House Crush Monday. We have attracted architecture enthusiasts and people from several different states to see our houses each Monday. The positive feedback keeps us on the hunt for more. 

You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see the photos. 

BAPA’s Trade Referral List has been going strong for decades. Each week we receive 20+ calls asking for referrals to help with home renovations and maintenance. We continue to give our neighbors the best and most trusted experts to do quality work because, we believe, nothing could be worse than a beautiful home stripped of the architectural details or poor quality work. 

BAPA also is working with the Ridge Historical Society to save the Eugene Pike House in North Beverly and repurpose it. This ongoing project is providing us with a blueprint to save other buildings and structures in the future. 

A collaboration of BAPA and the Ridge Historical Society in the 1970s helped to create the Ridge Historic District (designated in 1976). It runs through the heart of Beverly Hills/Morgan Park and is composed of more than 3,000 buildings. The district showcases every regional architectural style built between 1844 and World War II. 

The Ridge Historic District and homes were designed by significant architects including Frank Lloyd Wright, George W. Maher, Walter Burley Griffin, Daniel Burnham, and Howard Van Doren Shaw. 

Chicago Landmark properties are Iglehart House, one of the city’s oldest homes; Adams House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright; Frank Lloyd Wright’s two American System-Built Homes; and Palliser’s Cottage Home. 

The Longwood Drive Historic District runs along Seeley Avenue and Longwood Drive. It includes Givins Beverly Castle, and is characterized by a rich mix of architectural styles that include Italianate, Gothic, Queen Anne, Prairie School and Renaissance Revival. 

The Beverly/Morgan Park Railroad Station Historic District, includes rare surviving examples of Chicago commuter stations built between 1889 and 1945. 

The Walter Burley Griffin Place Historic District, the largest collection of Griffin’s Prairie Style work in America, showcases houses built between 1909 and 1914. 

With all of that architecture, we are passionate about maintaining and protecting it! 

Now, we are going further, we are teaming up once again with the RHS and additional experts to provide our neighbors with important information on the subject of restoring old homes. 

How and where to start, how to research your house, and what you need to know if you have a home in the historic district are among the many things that will be discussed in our lecture series. 

Mike Wilk with the Ridge Historical Society said, ”This lecture series is perfect for anyone who owns an old home, especially if you are thinking of taking on a renovation or restoration project. The materials and features in old homes can differ from newer construction, and it’s important for homeowners to know about their homes before embarking on projects that could inadvertently cause damage.” 

The first lecture will be on Tuesday, April 23 at 7 p.m. at the Ridge Historical Society on 10621 S. Seeley Ave. There is no charge for the event, and space is limited. For more information contact BAPA at 77-233-3100 or bapa@bapa.org 


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