No Need to Grieve Alone

By Lisa Catania, LCSW and Aida Pigott, LCSW

Grief is an uncomfortable visitor that visits us all.  It does not matter whether we anticipate a death or are surprised in a most awful way: loss hurts.  The world-as-we-know-it is pulled out from under our feet, and we are suspended in unreality and forced to find a way forward. It is a bleak and difficult journey.

Fortunately, we are not alone.  At the time that we need it most, it is possible to find a community of people who understand and who are walking the same road of profound change. It has been said that a grief shared is a grief halved.  We all realize, deep down, that our loved one cannot return.  It helps to have others who “get” the struggles and can normalize and validate the normalcy of feelings that do not feel normal.  It is helpful to be part of a community where one person supports another.  At one point, you are the newest member of an odd “club” that no one wants to belong to, and later, you become the person who reassures another that there is hope and laughter further on down the road.

If you are grieving and would like support Beverly Therapist, 10725 S. Western, hosts two monthly support groups for individuals grieving the loss of a spouse/partner, and for those grieving the loss of a child,  whether it be through miscarriage or into adulthood.  We each have our own stories, but grief creates a commonality.  A broken heart is an open heart.  For more information visit or call Lisa Catania, LCSW 773-719-1751 or Aida Pigott, LCSW at 773-332-6664.

Lisa Catania, LCSW and Aida Pigott, LCSW are experienced counselors specializing in grief, loss and change.  They are part of Beverly Therapists, a local group of therapists in private practice committed to serving the community. General information: 773-310-3488


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