New Neighbors  Welcome Timothy Crivits and Dr. April Fallon  

Brian Marchetti 

One of Beverly/Morgan Park’s newest families, Timothy Crivits and Dr. April Fallon, have left the bluegrass of Kentucky behind and settled into the neighborhood on the 1700 block of West 105th Street, and so far, they’re enjoying their new home.  

“We love it here,” Fallon said. “Our neighbors are super nice.”  

Originally from Downers Grove, Fallon always wanted to return to the Chicagoland area. When the opportunity to work for City Colleges of Chicago opened, she jumped at it.  

“I’m the Associate Dean of Instruction at Olive Harvey College in Pullman,” Fallon said.  

Crivits, a native of Minnesota, works as a data engineer for a global services technology team and has had a pilot’s license since 1989. 

“I first started flying in 1983,” Crivits said, shortly after his father received his pilot’s license two years before. “I started with a safety license which allows you to land the plane in case of emergency.”  

Crivits has flown all over the United States and is currently seeking certification to pilot throughout Canada and Europe.  

The couple met in Louisville, Kentucky and bonded over their love of music, particularly 1990s alternative rock. Fallon is a big fan of “They Might Be Giants” and they enjoyed checking out bands like Agent Orange at small venues. Their love of music has extended to their daughter, Meredith, who currently attends the University of Cincinnati. 

“Our daughter was air guitaring to Hendrix’s ‘All Along the Watchtower’ at age six,” Crivits said. “People found that unique for her age.”  

Fallon has an impressive academic background. She has an MFA and PhD in American Literature. Outside of her career in academia she has published two books of poetry, “Universe of Discourse” and “Mindseye’s Consort.” Currently, she is working on a third book, an academic memoir about Maeve Brennan, an Irish immigrant who wrote for “The New Yorker” starting in 1949. 

In their spare time, the couple love to hang out with their pets, a Cocker Spaniel named Maggie, Trudy the Beagle, and two cats, Tigger and Cali. They enjoy local businesses like County Fair and grabbing some Italian food at Franconello’s. 

“We love to hike. We really enjoy all the historic homes in the area,” Fallon said.  

Here’s to hoping that the poet and the pilot have many more adventures and stories to tell as they continue to explore all that Beverly/Morgan Park has to offer.  


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