New Neighbors 


Patrick and Lauren Roth  

Patrick and Lauren Roth moved into their West Beverly home in August 2019, and feeling like part of the community was facilitated by the wagging tail of their sociable beagle, _____. We’re getting to know our neighbors, it helps that we have a dog that wants to say hi to everyone,” Patrick said.  

 Lauren is originally from Guatemala and moved to Chicago for college, and Patrick grew up in Beverly/Morgan Park; his parents still live here. “I’m a big White Sox fan and am slowing wearing down Lauren’s resistance and turning her into one,” Patrick said. Living on the South Side will surely strengthen his case.  

The couple had lived in Washington DC then moved to Old Town when they came back to Chicago. Patrick is a journalist with Crain’s and Lauren is a fundraiser with a national non-profit.  

Like many other young couples, the Roths were drawn to Beverly/Morgan Park when they were looking for a place to settle in. “We were looking for a family-friendly neighborhood that was close to our family,” Patrick said. “There’s a strong sense of community that a lot of neighborhoods lack because they’re transient, but in Beverly people stay because they love being here and they want to make it better. 

The Roths read The Villager and The Beverly Review to keep up on neighborhood news, and they were enjoying exploring local amenities before the COVID-19 stay-at-home mandate. “We’re big fans of Swansons,” Patrick said. “We’d like to walk around the forest preserve more when it gets warmer, and there’s a lot of restaurants and shops that BAPA recommends that we’d like to explore. 

If you see the Roths out maintaining social distancing while walking the dog, feel free to say hi – they and the dog would love to meet you! 


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