New Community Business Liaison:  Aaqila Harvey brings a wealth of small business expertise 

Aaqila Harvey — Beverly Area Planning Association’s community business liaison — may be new to the area, but she’s familiar with the challenges and rewards of small business management. 

In 2020, the trailblazing “Brown Women Wellness” was co-founded by Harvey, focusing on the health and wellbeing of women of color. Harvey’s dedication to this initiative stems from an understanding of the unique challenges faced by black and brown women in the wellness sector.  

Her background in entrepreneurship is further complemented by her extensive experience in real estate, having been a dynamic part of the industry since 2018.  

After moving to Beverly last year, Harvey’s discovery of BAPA felt like destiny. “I was searching for local community programs and stumbled upon BAPA,” she recalled. Her initial meeting at BAPA led to a new role. Harvey is excited to bridge connections between local business owners and the organization, aiming to strengthen the community by supporting their goals. “Building solid relationships with business owners and aligning them with BAPA’s mission is what I look forward to the most,” she stated. 

Whether savoring matcha at Two Mile Cafe or Afro Joes or exploring the area’s scenic walking routes, she’s embracing all the neighborhood offers.  


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