Meet the Myles Family


Former Hyde Park residents Nathaniel and Nancy Myles moved with their children, Nathan and Natalia, to Beverly/Morgan Park in the summer of 2020. Choosing a diverse neighborhood was really important to them, as well as connecting during off-duty hours with fellow Chicago Police Department families.  

“We decided to move here because of the great schools and the fact that it’s a family-oriented community,” Nancy said. “We always knew about the beauty of the Beverly neighborhood and especially those historic mansions on Longwood Dr.” 

Nathaniel is a CPD police sergeant and United States Marine Corps veteran. He also coaches youth and adult boxing. Nancy taught preschool for more than a decade before deciding to stay at home with their two young children.  

“We like the fact that it’s a very diverse neighborhood; we have mixed children so we feel very comfortable here and we love our neighbors,” Nancy said. “It’s very safe, and there’s a lot of events that we have gone to in the past two years. The kids love it, especially ‘trick or treat,’ as my son stated!” 

The Myles’ organized their block’s first block party in years this summer, a welcome addition and hopefully new tradition. The family loves to visit local restaurants and support local businesses, especially Manzo’s Burger on 111th Street. Their favorite BAPA event so far is the Ridge Run for bringing together the community and a fun way to kick-off the summer season. 



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