May 2021 Village Viewpoint

By Mary Jo Viero 
BAPA Executive Director 

As the month of May begins, my excitement for all the good things to come is hard to contain! Our community spent the month of April engaging in projects that care for and beautify our neighborhood. From swapping gardening supplies and seeds to picking up litter, to joining the hundreds of volunteers at the clean and green, together you made a huge impact. Thank you everyone who participated. Our neighborhood looks beautiful! 

All of that work reminds me of getting my house ready for an event.  Speaking of events, this is the part where you grab your calendar or smart phone and SAVE THE DATES 

In early May, BAPA School Liaison Tina Jenkins Bell and I are visiting our schools to thank and celebrate all of the amazing teachers for their dedication during a very difficult year. Look for posts on Social Media. 

On May 7, our first of four BAPA Porch Concerts will take place from 6 to 8 p.m.  featuring Tom Holland, Tom Rezetko and Matt Rezetko playing at on 109th and Bell. It will truly feel like the beginning of summer in Chicago.  

The Ridge Run is happening TWICE this year! Run your favorite route the week of Memorial Day and post your times for the virtual Ridge Run, then keep running all summer in preparation for our LIVE Ridge Run on Sept. 4.  Start getting a team together for September. 

The 2nd Annual Garden walk is being planned for July 11 and is shaping up to be even more spectacular than our first.   

Our Home Tour is coming back! Sun., Sept. 26 is the day to visit inside some of our neighborhood’s most beautiful homes.  

All summer long you can participate in our History Mystery Bike Adventure, our weeding Wednesdays and our porch concerts.  I encourage you to get involved! There are plenty of opportunities to join a Park Advisory Council or be a volunteer at our events.   

BAPA designs each event and program to bring out the best in our community I hope to see you again and again. 

Cheers to good things ahead, 

Mary Jo  







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