March School Update

By Tina Jenkins Bell 

BAPA School Liaison 

Our schools mirror the communities they serve. So, in the Beverly Morgan Park, where education, families, faith, and service are high priorities, you can best believe that our schools, Catholic, public, or private, manifest these values in their missions as well. Keep reading… 

Valentines for Community 

Valentine’s Day is renowned for flowers, chocolate and relationships. Many schools used the occasion to resonate community service. St. Cajetan 7th and 8th graders partnered with Smith Village, the 19th Ward, and the Road Home Veterans program to make valentine gifts for veterans. It was a memorable occasion that pulled at my heart strings as the mother of a Navy Corpsman who is away right now with the Marines. Read more about this event on page ___.  

St. Barnabas School and Community honored law enforcement officers and their families during their weekly school Mass on Valentine’s Day. Mass was followed by a reception thanking police officers for their bravery, service and sacrifices.  

Additionally, St. Barnabas 7th and 8th graders warmed the hearts of many by volunteering to assist the Special Olympics of Chicago Soccer Intramurals. According to their social media, “Joy and smiles were contagious, and we cannot wait to go back! The athletes did an incredible job, and we are so proud of our Buckeyes!” 

At Kellogg School, two 8th graders based their community service on a recycling project that doubles as a school fundraiser. Neighbors are asked to donate gently used clothing and shoes in a metal clothing receptacle called the “Tree Machine,” located outside of the school on the Hamilton side. Items will be placed into smaller boxes turned over to USAgain, a not-for-profit organization that supports people and the planet. For every box of clothing and shoes received, a tree will be planted somewhere, and Kellogg will receive a donation. 

Happy Anniversary 

Morgan Park Academy celebrates of 150 years of educating leaders; see our article on page ___. Want to help them celebrate or arrange a tour? Learn more at  

Christ the King School is preparing to celebrate its 75th year of educating faith-based leaders, and the School Advisory Board is looking for people to share their memories of Christ the King for the 75th Anniversary Mass. Memories can include but are not limited to participating in a First Communion, playing on the 1985 5th and 6th grade championship Roadrunners football team, having gym class in the Regency Room, and more. Send your CK school stories and photos to 

Speaker Topic is Educating Boys 

Mount Carmel High School recently renewed its full commitment to educating boys. A member of the International Boys’ Schools Coalition, Mount Carmel has always emphasized the importance of teaching to the ways that boys’ brains learn best and creating an environment where they thrive. On Tues., Mar. 21, Mount Carmel welcomes renowned physician, psychologist and author of “Boys Adrift,” Leonard Sax, MD, PhD who will speak about what it means to be a boy in today’s world and the best ways to educate them. School parents and others are invited to hear Dr/ Sax present “practical solutions, sharing strategies that educators have found effective in reengaging boys at school, as well as handy tips for parents about everything from homework and video games to medication.” Info: Ellie Menke, 773-359-1020 or 

That’s it for now… 

Finally, in these misguided times of reframing the truth and replacing real terms with easier to swallow euphemisms, I applaud all the schools in Beverly/Morgan Park for honoring Black History through programming or by inviting guests who can share it best. The work of our schools and their leaders excites me as I sit on the edge of my seat to see what they do for Women’s History month in March or Asian American and Pacific Islander month in May or Hispanic American Heritage month, Sept. 15-Oct. 15. I said before that our schools mirror the priorities of its neighborhood. Diversity and equity can be added to that list.  


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