Look and Feel Your Best with Bijou Body Spa 


By Brian Marchetti 

Bijou Body Spa, 1935 W. 95th St., a new BAPA Business Member, offers a variety of non-invasive services for body contouring, pain relief, and therapies to achieve and maintain wellness.  

Meaning “jewel” in French, the word bijou reflects owner LaTrina Joshua’s passion for helping her clients maintain their beauty and wellness.   

“I’m a nurse by trade and I’ve been in the medical field for over twenty years,” Joshua said. “Just being able to take care of people and make them feel their best is important to me.”   

Bijou Body Spa provides a low cost, less invasive alternative to traditional plastic surgery. Body contouring services employ laser and ultrasonic technologies to liquify fat, alongside a personalized diet and exercise plan.  

 To assist with the expulsion of liquified fat, sauna treatments, located on site, help clients sweat out excess fluid, whether it’s through a traditional walk-in sauna or a sauna detox blanket.  

In addition to body contouring services, Bijou employs a clinical massage therapist to provide manual lymphatic and therapeutic massages to treat lymphedema and chronic pain due to injury or immune disorders. Deep tissue Swedish massage techniques help reduce pain and optimize performance.  

“It’s all about health and wellness,” Joshua said.  

Additional services include anti-aging facial treatments that use a jade stone massager. Radio frequency treatments help tighten up skin and help rid the body of unwanted celluloid, with the help of non-invasive vacuum suction. 

The spa, which opened in 2018, saw success early on. The clients range in age from 18 — the youngest age allowed to receive treatment — to 88 years old. They have served over 1,000 clients and provided more than 2,500 treatments. Though the services are non-invasive, Joshua and her staff will make certain that clients are healthy enough to benefit without undue risk.  

Each client has different needs and goals and Joshua and her staff offer consultations to find the right combination of services for each individual. They do not accept insurance, but clients can pay with flex accounts, Care Credit, and Cherry Financing.  

While Joshua’s previous work as a nurse proved fulfilling, she said her current career is more satisfying. 

“I find Bijou Body Spa more enjoyable because there are no sad times here,” Joshua said. “It’s all smiles, all results, it’s great seeing clients reach their goals.”   


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