Kids Share Their Mother’s Day Menus 

By Kristin Boza 

Mother’s Day is Sun., May 12. These local kids are cooking, preparing or simply offering their moms and grandmas some unforgettable meals this year!  

Patrick Howe-Bowen 

8th grade, Sutherland School
I’m making my mom some Pao de Queijo (a cheese bread) that we had on our recent trip to Brazil, and a Brazilian carrot cake. You can find the recipe for Pao de Queijo at The best thing about my mom is that she won’t let anyone mess with her children.  

Elianna Angone 

1st grade, Clissold School
I will make my mom enchiladas because she really likes them! The best thing about my mom is that she loves me no matter what. 

Araceli Angone 

 2nd grade, Clissold Elementary
I would send my grandma Peeps because they are her favorite candy. But first, I’d open the package because she likes them best when they are a tiny bit hard. The best thing about my grandma is that she never gets mad and has the best dog ever. 

Evelyn Slattery 

 4th grade, Clissold School
I don’t know what I will cook for my mom. All I know how to cook is quesadillas! The best thing about my mom is that she takes care of me, and she loves me, and she helps me a lot, and she’s fun to play with. 

Mae Slattery 

2nd grade, Clissold School
I will cook Southwest Salad for my mom because she loves it. The best thing about my mom is … there’s so many things! 

Billy Slattery 

Immanuel Preschool
I will cook pizza for my mom. I want to eat it with her! I love my mom because she’s nicer. 

Madelyn Slatter 

 Immanuel Preschool
I cook mommy cheesy noodles! I love mommy, she gives me apples. 


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