January Safety

By Gary Jenkins 
BAPA Safety Liaison 

911 Information: 

The last few months the Beverly/Morgan Park community has experienced some violent crimes, including armed robberies and two shootingsincluding the killing of a decorated retired Chicago Fire Department Lieutenant 

As a community, we should not feel paralyzed when it comes to combating crimeThere are things that we can do such as: getting and staying involved in our community through local civic associations, grass roots organizations, and the CAPS program; and utilizing communications tools such as phone trees with your neighbors 

One thing we all can do help keep our community safe is to understand when and how to use 911. 

Over my many years as a CAPS facilitator for Beat 2213, the most requested guest speakers have been from the City of Chicago’s Office of Emergency Management and Communication (OEMC) presenting critical information on the City’s 311 and 911 services. Call 311 for city services and non-emergency police services. Call 911 for emergencies, such as a crime in progress, a fire or a medical emergency. You can find complete information on the City of Chicago website for OEMC’s Make the Right Call, detailing when to call 311 and when to call 911, and Help Us Help You, detailing how 911 calls are prioritized and informing residents of how to use the 5 W’s  — What, Where, Who, When, and Weapons – when calling 911.

BAPA Safety Committee 

The BAPA Safety Committee will resume meeting virtually in early 2021. Beverly/Morgan Park residents and business owners interested in learning more about serving on the committee are welcome to contact BAPA Safety Liaison Gary Jenkins, gjenkins@bapa.org for information.  

Unemployment Insurance Scams 

During the COVID-19 Pandemic several scams have surfaced, including unemployment insurance scams.  One such scam involves individuals receiving unemployment checks or debit cards that they did not apply for and are not entitled to receive. Beware, these scams are designed to steal your identity!  If you suspect that you may have been the target of an unemployment scam, contact the Illinois Department of Employment Services (IDES), 18008140513 or www.ides.illinois.gov 


Because adults over age 21 can now possess and purchase cannabis products in licensed stores, it’s a good time to remind people of the do’s and don’ts of cannabis use in IllinoisThe amounts of cannabis legal to possess are 30g of plant for Illinois residents, 15g of plant for non-residents, and 5 plants per household for medical cannabis patients only. Cannabis can be used in private homes or licensed establishments. Cannabis may not be used in public, i.e. parks or sidewalks. Landlords can ban cannabis use on property they own. Employers can ban cannabis from the workplace, and employees can be tested for cannabis use and subject to consequences of their employers’ stated drug policy. Visit cookcountystatesattorney.org for complete information.  




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