I’m a BAPA Member. Are You?: Caroll Vaughn

“I have been aware of BAPA’s work 1970, when I first moved from Hyde Park to Beverly/Morgan Park. For over 35 I have been attending community meetings and neighborhood events. After I retired 12+ years ago, I began to volunteer more with community organizations and civic groups, and started attending CAPS meetings. I noticed that BAPA was involved all over the community, sponsoring special events, supporting various civic groups and organizations, finding grants, working with neighborhood businesses and local legislators, and advocating to keep our community safe. Residents have a community a problem? Call BAPA.

Through my community involvement I get a chance to talk to a lot of people, young, old and of various genders. When asked, “What does BAPA do?”  I answer with an analogy: Imagine BAPA is a huge umbrella in our community. Suddenly, it starts to rain really hard and most residents run to seek shelter under the big umbrella. The rain is pouring down and the residents start to get uncomfortable and communication breaks down. The mediator – BAPA — steps forward to assist. BAPA is the support system that helps to find solutions to our community problems and to keep an open dialog. BAPA’s staff is very helpful and continues to work hard at resolving community issues.  BAPA works with the whole community to help keep it strong, make it a good place to live, and keep it safe, and prosperous.”


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