Help Save Our Trees 

The BAPA Save Our Trees campaign is underway, and Beverly/Morgan Park neighbors are invited to join in the effort to protect the beautiful tree canopy in our neighborhood.  

The committee will be dedicated to saving our trees and tree canopy by finding out why we are losing so many trees; building a strategy to slow down the cutting and encourage trimming instead; educating our neighbors about the importance of trees; and planting more trees help replace trees that have been lost. 

The committee is broken into small groups dedicated to aspects of advocacy, education, tree planting, and any other areas of focus. Committee goals include:  

Slow or stop the cutting of our trees in our neighborhood. 

Find out how many trees are scheduled to be removed, why and when.  

Fight for an ordinance to make sure people are not able to cut too many trees on their property. 

Advocate for our trees through the Urban Forestry Advisory Board and other agencies. 

Hold the contactors removing trees accountable for doing their job properly and preventing damage to sidewalks and property.  

Educate our community on the importance of trees, how to properly take care of trees, and the importance of speaking up if your tree is slated to be cut and you did not request it.  

Work with Openlands to continue replacing trees on parkways, and other tree advocacy issues.  

The next Save Our Trees meeting will be held on Wed., July 27, 7 p.m.  at the BAPA Office, 1744 W. 99th St.  

Questions? Contact Mary Jo Viero, BAPA Executive Director, or 773-233-3100.  




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