Healthy New You in 2020 

By Kristin Boza  

What better time than a new decade to get healthy for once and for all? Bloom Natural Solutions to Wellness, owned by Candice Cuevas, helps people set and accomplish goals, explore new foods, reduce cravings, and increase energy. 

Modifying your lifestyle is not easy, and many people fail numerous times before sticking with a new way of living. Cuevas, an integrative nutritional health coach and licensed clinical professional counselor, blends her experiences in the mental health field and nutrition to help people understand the ‘why’ behind their cravings. 

“Over and over during the course of my career, I noticed how nutrition affects mental health. I also was trying to find a way to stop my migraines for good — without the band-aid of medications,” Cuevas said. “After becoming a certified health coach, I developed a six-month, hands-on program to help people learn and implement healthy habits.” 

Cuevas will basically hold the hands of her clients during their bi-weekly sessions as she comes to their home to clean out pantries, give a lesson in reading labels, identify movement goals, and head to the grocery store for instructions on which aisles to avoid. “Everyone’s health goals are different, but the basics include finding healthy alternatives to sugar, caffeine, and other foods that make you feel sluggish. There is no diet or calorie counting in my program; instead, the idea is to lead a healthier lifestyle and implement good habits,” she said. “How you feed your body will affect you mentally; we’ll work together to learn where your cravings are coming from and how to handle them.” 

Accountability is another essential aspect of the program; Cuevas is determined to hold her motivated clients responsible for following through. “Many of my clients feel lost or trapped; they know they need to lose weight, but nothing else has worked. They are seeking alternative suggestions to get on track and get out of their slump,” she said. 

Two things anyone can start doing are taking probiotics and moving more. Cuevas recommends taking a probiotic at night to improve gut health; if someone has a digestive condition, however, ask your doctor first. “Probiotics are essential to support your gut health, which in turn supports your mental and physical health. Take the probiotic two hours after you last eat at night; when you’re sleeping, your body has the opportunity to repair itself, and probiotics can give your body that essential boost,” she said. 

Secondly, incorporating even the smallest movement changes can make an impact. “The more you move, the more opportunities you give your body to wake up naturally without ingesting sugar. Take a walk around the block, take the stairs at work, or even just get up and stretch. Little adjustments like that can go a long way,” Cuevas said. 

To learn more about Bloom Natural Solutions to Wellness, visit Mention BAPA and get 10% off your program price. 


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