Give Where You Live 

By Mary Jo Viero 

 November is all about gratitude and giving. As the holidays get closer, we invite you to look back at how the Beverly Area Planning Association has touched you and the community. Our work in the neighborhood is constant, intentional, reliable, important, passionate, fun, sometimes exhausting, difficult and never-ending.   

BAPA is working to strengthen and preserve the Beverly/Morgan Park community every day.  

The beautiful homes we admire or live in are a result of decades of housing preservation and advocacy on behalf of BAPA.   

Our parks and green spaces are a priority for BAPA to ensure they are maintained properly.   

BAPA is a reliable source of referrals and connects you to qualified local tradespeople to help solve a problem. Our phones ring every day with questions or problems that do not go unanswered.  

Much of the work we do is behind the scenes, looking into problem buildings and discussing infrastructure concerns, safety and quality of life issues that are important to all of us. All of these difficult issues are being worked on but take time.   

BAPA’s events are intentional and fun. They are designed with the goal of highlighting different areas of our community. When attending our Porch Concerts, Home Tour, and Garden Walk, you will visit blocks, homes and gardens that you may have never experienced without BAPA. Every BAPA event has a local business component. We invite our local businesses to take part so we can expose them to new audiences and promote their business. Most importantly our events are designed with the goal of connecting our community. Meeting new people and creating traditions such as running the Ridge Run and watching the Memorial Day parade or going on the home tour every year. BAPA’s events are not just for fun. They take months of planning and preparation and are all weather-dependent. That is the exhausting and stressful part.   

This month we are celebrating two of our important programs, the BAPA Teen Service Corps, and our New Neighbor Meet and Greet.   

Our intention once again is to share the values we have for our community with young people and new neighbors who do not know our incredible history.   

BAPA’s passion for the neighborhood is what fuels us day in and day out. It is the reason our motto is Love Where You Live.  

The work we do is funded by our neighbors like you. Donating monthly or purchasing yearly memberships is the only way we can do what we do.   

If you Love Where You Live, PLEASE GIVE WHERE YOU LIVE.  

Donating monthly is a great way to fit giving into your budget.  

$10 a month is the same as a cup of coffee and a pastry.  

$25 a month is the same as a small pizza on a Friday night.   

$50 is dinner and drinks on a date night.   

Yearly memberships start at $100 and go to whatever you can give.   

Every dollar that you give to BAPA is thoughtfully used to improve your community. We deeply appreciate every donation.   

What you get in return for your support is the beautiful, active, friendly, safe, and strong community you chose to live in.   

Please use the QR code below to give today. Thank you.   


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