Get Involved; Ways to support local schools and students.  

By Tina Jenkins Bell 

The Beverly/Morgan Park community is blessed with great schools. More importantly, this community has a large contingent of school families and community members who are dedicated to supporting educators and leaders to help our schools continue to perform well. And for those who have thought about volunteering, sharing your talents or donating your time in other ways, we have good news. There is always room for more community involvement — just ask your area school’s principal. I’m sure there are a list of needs and ways you can fit in, and of course, I have suggestions. 

Volunteer Opportunities 

During the pandemic, BAPA offered free online tutoring assistance through a program called BAPA Tutor Corps. As the pandemic waned, so did requests for the services. However, we have another way for school families to explore a list people who want to volunteer as tutors. 

As mentioned BAPA, will no longer offer tutoring online or in person. However, if a community member is interested in volunteering as an individual tutor, we will be happy to list your name, academic area, and contact information on the Schools page on This listing will only be for volunteer tutors, and we hope it will be a wonderful way for financially struggling families to locate possible assistance for their children.  

Look for an updated list toward the end of September. If a family has questions or if a paid tutoring service would like to find out how they, too, can be listed as a resource, please contact me at 

Teen Corps Updates 

BAPA’s Teen Corps of student volunteers is still open and welcoming new participants. In the past, Teen Corps has consisted of two components: a Board of teens who worked to create greater volunteer opportunities for other teens and a general list of participants who contacted us to work on specific projects.  

This year, we will continue to publicize volunteer and other opportunities for teens. We will also open monthly meetings for any teen, from the eighth to twelfth grade to attend and receive community service hours. The hour-long meetings will include leadership activities and community service opportunities. Monthly volunteer project descriptions will be shared with the list of Teen Corps participants and promoted weekly via BAPA’s eNews.  

September 10, from 12:00pm to 2:30pm will be our first volunteer project for the school year. The Teen Corps will work with the Beverly Arts Alliance to create exhibit art for the Beverly Art Walk, September 23, 2023. If your child is interested and possibly not listed as a Teen Corps participant, contact me at 

School Resources  

BAPA is also working on constructing a list of school resources to share with area principals. If you are a nonprofit group, service, or cultural, arts, science or other organization that offers school programming and resources, please send me a short description along with contact information and a link to the resource. 

Back to School Update 

Finger snaps for Mr. Tony & Co. VIP, a barber shop on 11626 South Western Avenue and their Back to School Jam. Thanks to owner Tony Moore and his commitment to give back to the neighborhood, a total of 27 youth received book bags and school supplies on August 13.  Seventeen boys received free haircuts.  

That’s all I have for now, but I leave you — school parent, community member, neighborhood organization, cultural institution — with homework. Please contact me if you are interested in being listed as a volunteer tutor or if you have a school resource to share. Remember, we’re all necessary to keep our schools performing well.  


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