Sun., July 9

Beverly/Morgan Park in Bloom

Garden Walk tickets are available at Edna White Community Garden, 1850 W. Monterey Ave. 

Enjoy an afternoon immersed in beautiful landscapes at the Beverly/Morgan Park Garden Walk on Sun., July 9, with a rain date of July 16. The Garden Walk showcases thoughtfully designed and lovingly maintained outdoor spaces in our community. At each location you’ll enjoy special experiences that may include live entertainment and food and beverage tastings from local businesses.

Check-in is at Edna White Community Garden, 1850 W. Monterey Ave.  Since the 1990s, this outstanding garden has been tended by volunteers committed to providing a beautiful space to gather and grow. These volunteers grow fresh produce for area food pantries; maintain bee hives, pollinator gardens and a bee observatory; and host an array of classes and cultural programs. On July 9, enjoy the sights and sounds of the space, and visit with Garden Walk sponsors and vendors. Come back for music, stories, yoga and more.

Garden Walk tickets are $40 on the day of the event.

Here’s a preview of the private locations we are featuring this year.

Step into a serene, almost hidden garden and butterfly sanctuary. In full sun is a pollinator garden filled with bright colors to attract bees and butterflies. In full shade is a newly planted plot for hostas, coral bells and vinca vines. In a cozy area where sun and shade define the plantings, you will discover a secret garden perfect for moments of solitude as well as entertaining friends.

Explore a lush shade garden with myriad hostas, ferns, ligularia and other perennials that entice hummingbirds and butterflies. With the loss of a very old and massive oak tree, a section of the yard has opened up to allow for an herb and vegetable garden. Pines, beech, birch, and Korean and Japanese maples trees make for a serene and contemplative space.

After 27 years of hard work and love, this garden is both a perfect place for parties with family and friends and a peaceful place to enjoy a morning cup of coffee. Some the gardener’s favorite features are an arbor made from copper plumbing pipe that has been taken over with trumpet vine; the weeping atlas cedar that’s reminiscent of an old man looking over the garden; the Elizabeth magnolia, planted in memory of the gardener’s mother; and the many birds, butterflies, bees, and other wildlife that visit regularly.

Travel back in time when you visit this double lot rooted in family history that boasts a tantalizing mix of pollinators, vegetables, fruit trees, herbs, and artwork. The current gardener grew up in the house and moved back just a few years ago. Using photos from the 1930s as a guide, she created a nourishing garden legacy.

A garden fit for a wedding! One of the gardens on this property was designed for just that before it became neglected and overgrown. The current owners spent the past two years clearing invasive species and filling the front yard with flowers to provide color all season, and invite birds and butterflies to visit. 

Fans of edible gardens will delight in this outdoor space, filled with plants that are purposeful. The design reflects the gardener’s commitment to sustainability and years of experience tending plots in locations and climates across the United States. Flowers and unusual trees provide welcoming beauty, but food is the primary function in this garden, where blueberry bushes form a lovely hedge and tomatoes are grown hydroponically. 

Marvel at the creativity of a gardener who makes the most of a small space. This modest garden is packed with charm, beauty, and hospitality, thanks to a colorful mix of zinnias and other garden favorites. Unusual varieties of succulents, annuals and perennials spill out of pots and plots, framing cozy gathering spots. Veggies and herbs are integrated in the garden, providing a fresh food source amid the beauty. 

Thank You to Our 2023 Sponsors

As a community based not for profit organization, BAPA depends on the generosity of our sponsors to present all of our special events. Please thank and support our Garden Walk sponsors!