Everything’s Relative Salon and Day Spa Introduces Oway Products

By Marianne Walsh 

Everything’s Relative Salon and Day Spa, 10548 S. Western, has a brand new motto for 2023. Owner Joan Each Rowan remains an innovator and pioneer after 47 years in the salon industry. Her passion for the environment, beauty and teamwork explains why her salon remains one of the most successful in the Beverly/Morgan Park area. 

“This year? We are encouraging staff and clients to ‘Be different. Buy different. Shop different. Remember Everything’s Relative.’ This mantra has been a true spark for me personally in investigating new ideas and products,” Each Rowan said. 

As a lifelong environmentalist, Each Rowan partnered with plant-based Aveda 29 years ago. Back then, it was a family-owned business founded by Horst Rechelbacher. When Estee Lauder bought it in 1997, the new owners kept true to its environmental origins.  

In choosing to live her 2023 motto to “Be different. Buy different. Shop different.” Each Rowan is introducing a new line of Oway products.  

Oway, founded in 1948 in Bologna, Italy, is the world’s first brand in the cosmetics industry to offer 99% plastic-free packaging. In 2013, the company converted all its containers into glass bottles and aluminum tubes. Each Rowan was smitten when she learned the eco-friendly company was launching in the United States last year.  

“I am so impressed with the Oway line,” Each Rowan explains. “I look at the young owner, who is the great nephew of the founder, as the next Horst Rechelbacher. He has courage and drive in producing a product that is truly 99% recyclable in packaging and with ingredients on a whole other level.” 

With a product line of hair and skin treatments formulated with extracts, essential oils and hydrolats from biodynamic, organic and fair trade farming, Oway has exceeded all expectations for salon owners and customers who base their buying around organic and earth-friendly options. Additionally, Sharon Nykaza, General Manager of Oway in the United States, is quick to elaborate on how non-plastic packaging benefits their products. 

“Glass can preserve and protect the integrity of the formulas’ botanical extracts, shielding them from UV rays and protecting them from bacteria,” Nykaza said. “We are so excited to officially launch in the United States, bringing pure and infinitely recyclable products and packaging to both salons and consumers.” 

For Each Rowan, the company’s line of products has already been warmly received at Everything’s Relative. “Our clients, the people of Beverly, know how important our commitment to the environment is. It is everything. It is the future of our families, our communities and our planet.” 

With her many years in the industry, Each Rowan definitely understands what it takes to sustain both a successful business and the planet. It is a unique skill set that she hopes inspires other business owners around Beverly/Morgan Park and beyond. 

Info: 773-941-6565, everythingsrelativesalon.com or Everything’s Relative Beverly on Facebook  



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