Divvy is Here!   What You Need to Know to About the Bike-Share Program’s Expansion into Beverly 

By Cathriona Fey 
BAPA Community Outreach & Improvement 

You may have noticed the new Divvy bike stations recently installed throughout the neighborhood. Primarily located near Metra stations, residents can now access these shared bikes as an alternative to drivingto connect to public transit or to simply take in the neighborhood and get some exercise.  

Divvy is a public-private partnership between the Chicago Department of Transportation and Lyft. In April 2019, the city council approved an amendment to the contract with Lyft to expand Divvy citywide to all 50 wards, including the 19th WardAlong with the expansion into new areas, Divvy now includes new electric assist bikes (ebikes) giving riders the option to choose a classic pedal bike or upgrade to an ebike. The new Divvy stations will be in service year-round, so that bike share can be a truly integral part of the Beverly/Morgan Park transportation network.  

Curious to try out Divvy? BAPA has compiled a list of “Things to Know” to make your Divvy experience seamless and enjoyable.  

Find a Bike: Local Divvy bike docking stations can be found at the 91st Street & Prospect Square (near the 91st Street Metra Station), 100th Street & Walden Parkway (near the 99th Street Metra Station), 107th Street & Hale Avenue (near the 107th Street Metra Station) and 111th Street & Western Avenue (by the Beverly Arts Center)Ebikes can be found at docking stations or locked to public bike racks, light posts or signs in the community. Use the Divvy app or go to https://member.divvybikes.com/map/ to locate available ebikes 

Pricing: Beverly/Morgan Park is in Zone 2 of the Divvy pricing model due to our area’s lower station density. Non-member Zone 2 costs $3 for a single 30-minute ride with a 15 cent per minute overage charge or $15 for a day pass.  

Membership: Divvy memberships are $99 a year or $5 a year for qualified residents through the Divvy 4 Everyone program. Annual memberships allow for unlimited 45minute rides, with a 15 cents per minute overage charge.  

Parking: Classic pedal bikes are parked at Divvy docking stations only. Ebikes can be parked at Divvy docking stations or Divvy E-stations, or locked to any public bike rack, light pole or sign post. Outofstation parking fees are waived for Zone 2 riders. However, parking outside of the Divvy service area or improper parking may incur a $25 fee. 

Divvy App: The Divvy app is the best way to access the system, pay and get the most of the e-bikes. The app provides notifications to your phone that track the bike’s battery power and distance remaining. 

Promo: For a limited time, CDOT will offer Divvy members a $5 credit toward up to 30 minutes of ebike riding or other usage fees. This credit will automatically be applied to Chicago residents’ accounts and expires after 30 days. New members who sign up before Dec 31 will also receive the credit. 

BAPA encourages helmet use and safe biking while riding in the community. Still have questions? Interested in riding your first Divvy bike? Go to www.divvybikes.com for more information.  




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