CORE Fitness and Physical Therapy Expands

By Kristin Boza

After a successful 14 years in business, CORE Fitness and Physical Therapy, 2940 W. 95th St., has expanded and completely renovated its facilities to offer even more options for Pilates, massage therapy and physical therapy (PT).

CORE shared a building with a law office, and when the attorneys retired, CORE owner Diane Fidler saw an opportunity. Now, CORE owns the entire building and recently completed a vast renovation that allows the fitness and physical therapy studio to meet the ever-growing demand for individualized physical therapy and group Pilates classes. The studio has a much larger physical therapy area, including three private PT rooms, a private massage therapy room, and three fitness studio rooms, according to Terri McCabe, Pilates Manager.

Now that there’s more space, more classes have been added as well. This includes Aerialates, a combination of Pilates, barre, and other traditional moves that utilize a hammock hung from the ceiling to give participants the feel of flying through the air while strengthening their entire bodies. Group reformer classes are now available, which were previously restricted to one or two participants at a time due to space constraints. Finally, Beverly Ride-On, a separate entity, has its own studio space for spin classes.

“In addition to all the new class offerings, we also hired new physical therapists to accommodate more patients at a time,” McCabe said. “It’s really important to Diane and CORE’s model that we maintain a one-on-one philosophy with PT, and it’s great that we now have additional space to see more patients.”

CORE operates under the philosophy that Pilates is for every body, and each physical therapist is specially trained to incorporate Pilates movements into their patients’ PT program. People with chronic conditions, advanced athletes and senior citizens can all benefit from the Pilates method.

“Pilates can be modified and adapted for any chronic condition or limitation, but it can also be super high-level and intense for people looking to get stronger in their other sports,” McCabe said. “If you have limitations that don’t allow you to do other fitness endeavors, you can do Pilates — and if you’re already super active, adding in Pilates will make you perform better in other areas.”

Starting in October, CORE will offer complimentary PT screenings on one Saturday a month. To schedule an appointment or sign up for classes, visit or call 708-422-0990.


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