Community Input Leads to Strategic Plan 


By Gary Jenkins 

As we begin the year, we must recognize that although we have made strides in getting back to normal, we are still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the Delta and Omicron variants at work, health officials warn that we may be looking at an increase in cases and hospitalization. Please continue to follow safety protocols from federal, state, and local officials so we can finally put this thing behind us. 

The District Advisory Council (DAC) and Beat Facilitators meet each month with the 22nd District Commander and CAPS officers to discuss concerns within the district. The primary focus of November’s meeting was to discuss the District’s 2022 Strategic Plan. The plan was formulated based on two community conversations designed to identify the top safety concerns and priorities of 22nd District residents.  

Sgt. Mike Egan, the CAPS supervisor, gave a detailed briefing on the district’s strategic plan. Which highlighted the three areas: vehicle carjacking, vehicle theft, and robberies.  

At the time this issue of The Villager went to press, the 22nd District’s 2022 Strategic Plan had not been made available to the public. Once the strategic plan is released in early February, it will be available on the Chicago Police Department website.  

The District Strategic Plans break problems into three categories: Problem Analysis, Response, and Assessment. The reports provide residents with a detailed view of how problem areas have increased or decreased in severity. Plans also outline the root causes of the problems, the areas in the district where the problems are more likely to occur, and what steps were taken to address the problems.  

The District’s 2021 Strategic Plan is available on the CPD at; look for District Strategic Plans under the community tab and select District 022.  

I believe it important to take a look at the 2021 plan to get a sense of how the CPD and 22nd District are working with the community to address the most pressing issues in our area. The Strategic Plan also serves as measuring stick to challenge CPD and the 22nd District be accountable, and to get answers if they fall short of the stated objectives of the strategic plan. 

Addressing crime in our community in not for the police alone, it works best when residents play a significant role.  In 2022, let’s continue to work together as a community to deal with and solve problems. As always, contact the CAPS office, 312-745-0620 for information about your beat and beat meetings.  


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