Community Health Expo Elevates Local Wellness Commitment 

By Aaqila Harvey 

The Beverly Area Planning Association (BAPA) and the Mt. Greenwood Community Business Association’s second annual Health Expo at Morgan Park Academy on February 17 was a vibrant showcase of the community’s growing focus on health and wellness. Doubling in scope from its previous year, the event featured over 30 local health and fitness businesses, including a standout Thrive Dance Cardio Class by LAB Live and Believe Nutrition, highlighting the expo’s diverse approach to wellness. Attendees had the opportunity to try stretches, massages, and B-12 shots, along with healthy juices. 

Panels moderated by Chicago TV personality Val Warner were a central highlight, offering attendees in-depth discussions on Aesthetics/Med Spa and Weight Loss, Mental Health and wellness, Women’s Health/Medical and Nutrition, and Fitness and Pain Management. These panels provided critical insights, emphasizing the importance of a holistic approach to health that encompasses physical, mental, and nutritional well-being. 

The expo drew approximately 200 attendees and demonstrated the community’s robust interest in health and fitness. BAPA and the Mt. Greenwood Community and Business Association look forward to growing The Community Health Expo in 2025. 



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