Battling Invasive Plants  

  By Kathy Figel  What really aggravates me as a gardener is an invasive phragmite plant called Giant Reed. This species of grass is native to Illinois and very aggressive at […]

Gardeners Exchange Extravaganza 

  Growing your own food can nourish spirits, minds and bodies. We can garden to make nutritious food affordable and to connect with the earth.   Bring yourself, your extra seeds, […]

February Green Guide: Use Salt Sparingly 

  Using salt to melt ice on sidewalks and streets is a must in Chicago, but over applying salt can damage plants, animals, insects, vehicles and infrastructure, and contaminate water […]

A few things you should know about tree care  

By Anne Alt  Many homeowners see landscapers working around trees and may assume what they are doing is correct. Landscapers usually are not well educated in tree care. There are many local examples of two landscaping practices that are bad for tree health: […]

Program Explores Impacts of  ‘Silent Spring

’   Garden Club of Morgan Park/Beverly presents “Rachel Carson,” a living history program by actress/historian Leslie Goddard, Wed., Sept. 1, Beverly Arts Center, 2407 W. 111th St. Doors open […]

BAPA Monarch Project Kicks Off With Milkweed Planting 

By Cathriona Fey  BAPA Community Outreach   Several gardens throughout Beverly/Morgan Park received a boost of butterfly friendliness after 192 milkweed plants were delivered to BAPA in May. BAPA applied for, and was awarded, […]