Business Spotlight  SPG Chicago: Help for Home Sellers and Buyers 

  By Brittany Wiley  BAPA Business Liaison  Standard Properties Group [SPG Chicago], 10448 S. Western Ave., was founded by husband–and–wife team Spiro Georgelos and Selena Schrimple–Georgelos.  The full–service real estate brokerage firm specializes in helping sellers navigate home improvements to maximize home value and helping buyers when building new, remodeling or expanding.  When the couple met over 10 years ago, they were both working in the real estate industry, Schrimple-Georgelos as a real estate agent […]

Sports and Ortho” Sophisticated Diagnosis and Treatment 

By Brittany Wiley  BAPA Business Liaison  Sports and Ortho Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, 10909 S. Western, is a woman-owned private practice opened in 2005 by owner Dahlia Fahmy. There are 7 locations across Chicagoland.  Fahmy is a Fellow of Applied Science, a title only held by three therapists in the world.  She worked with […]

Parties in the Time of COVID 

Tips for Gathering Safely and Sanely   By Laura Hayes  It’s been a year since the world – and events – shut down. A year since we gathered in people’s homes without wearing a mask. A year since we stood to watch a bride go down the aisle. A year since we crammed onto a dance floor and boogied the night away.   Finally, there is light at […]

Best of Beverly/Morgan Park: Car Care Services 

By Kristin Boza  For people who are still toiling away working from home, learning from home, and getting all essentials delivered to home, COVID-19 has definitely changed the way we use our vehicles. Since commutes are curtailed and road trips are on hold, it’s common to have our cars sit idle for days at a time. While it’s nice to save on gas, it’s actually really bad for […]

Journey to the New Joplin Marley Studios 

By Brittany Wiley  BAPA Business Liaison  Meg’n Barba opened Tranquility Salon with her sister, Katie Barba Schickel, in January 2007. She was 21 years old, a young mother will little knowledge of business practices, but she knew she wanted to create an environment that made people feel good.  And for 14 years, Barba did just that and more.  She is honored that she has […]

Business Spotlight:  Flippin Flavors: Delicious and Inspired 

By Brittany Wiley  BAPA Business Liaison  Linda Flippin opened Flippin Flavors, 1848 W. 95th St., in early 2020 with her husband Brian. The shop specializes in creating fresh salads and sandwiches centered around their homemade marinades and rubs.    Linda did not intend for Flippin Flavors to become a restaurant. It started as an idea to bottle her marinade.  She was always the one her friends went to for […]

Best of #1: Best Delivery Entrepreneurs 

By Kristin Boza  Small business owners have been getting really creative lately. A new brand of small business has taken Beverly/Morgan Park by storm: small batch food and cocktail delivery. These home cooks, chefs, and mixologists featured in our first “Best of” series are some of the coolest new delivery entrepreneurs in our community. Be prepared to break all of your New Year’s resolutions […]

The Quilter’s Trunk – A Pillar of Our Community 

By Brittany Wiley  BAPA Business Liaison  The Quilter’s Trunk, 10352 S. Western, a quilting, sewing and embroidery boutique, has been serving the area since 2015.  Over the course of those 5 years, owner Katie Nathwani has created a “peaceful, colorful and friendly place” where customers have become a family.  Nathwani’s family lives all over the country, so connecting with her […]

Business Spotlight: Veola’s Spa 

By Kristin Boza  With stress levels rising high, finding the time to relax and engage in self-care is absolutely necessary to preserve mental health and give the body a much-needed boost. Veola’s Day Spa and Wellness Center, 2150 W. 95th St., owned by mother-daughter duo Veola James and Jasmine James, has developed its own reopening strategy to ensure the safety of […]

Sprout & Berry 

By Brittany Wiley  BAPA Business Liaison  Born and raised in Beverly/Morgan Park, Claire Richards has been immersed in the community for her whole life.  She comes from a family of entrepreneurs who own DiCola’s Seafood, Olivia’s Garden and Candace’s Antiques.  After receiving her MBA in marketing and social media in 2013, Richards started her own company, Amplify7.  Since then, […]