Profile of a local business in Beverly or Morgan Park

City Grange Holiday Pop-up Shop 

‘Nature is beautiful’ is the mantra of City Grange founder and president LaManda Joy. The successful north side social-enterprise gardening center is popping up at Joplin Marley, 9911 S. Walden Pkwy., on Fridays (4 to 8 p.m.), Saturdays (10 a.m. to 7 p.m.), and Sundays (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.) through Sun., Dec. 15 

Seasonal greens, wreaths, garlands, cut floral, holiday containers, and other natural home décor items will be available to help spruce up holiday home decorating. City Grange will also offer two Sunday afternoon classes for people looking to create their own greenery containers. These free classes require an RSVP and will teach attendees how to decorate their own sustainable containers at home by helping them discover how to pair greens with accessories, selecting the right container and more.  

The mission of City Grange is to focus on organic and pesticide-free plant material, education and community-building. It’s first location at 5500 N. Western opened in April 2019, and Joy expects to open a second location in Beverly/Morgan Park in spring. “We’ve had many visitors from Beverly at our north side location, and they always tell us to come down to Beverly. I met with Caroline Connors (of the Morgan Park Beverly Hills Business Association), and we started to fall in love with Beverly,” Joy said. “We’ve been really welcomed here. Garden centers are destinations, and it’s important to make solid partnerships with the community. My vision is that the City Grange brand will support the community, which in turn supports nature, and ultimately supports human well-being through a relationship with nature.” 

Joy is very conscious about supplying organic and pesticide-free plants and materials, and also combats excessive plastic packaging from her suppliers as much as possible. The outdoor winter containers are made of wood, and all elements of the arrangements will be completely compostable and natural for a nature-based decorating experience.  

Visit the City Grange Facebook page to register for a complimentary winter container class.  

City Grange to Open Holiday Pop-up Shop  

Shop Will Offer Holiday Decorating and Shopping Opportunities Inspired by Nature 


City Grange, Chicago’s only independent social-enterprise gardening center focusing on education and organic and sustainable plants, will open its first pop-up destination just in time for the holiday decorating and shopping season. 

Located at Joplin Marley Studios at 9911 S. Walden Pkwy., the City Grange Holiday Pop-up Shop will offer seasonal greens, wreaths, garlands, cut floral, holiday containers and other décor items, as well as holiday decorating demos and classes. Select merchandise can be ordered for delivery. 

City Grange Founder and President LaManda Joyan Illinois Extension Master Gardener and founder of Peterson Garden Project, is excited to bring City Grange to a new part of the city. “I believe the world would be a better place with more gardeners,” she says. “I started City Grange to inspire, motivate and help more people garden successfully. Our first location on the north side has been an overwhelming success, and I look forward to welcoming everyone in Beverly and the surrounding communities for holiday decorating and shopping at City Grange.” 

The City Grange Beverly Holiday Pop-Up store will be open on Fridays, 4 to 8 p.m., 

Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sun., Nov. 22 through Sun., Dec. 22.  

City Grange is America’s first independent social enterprise gardening destination focusing on organic and pesticide-free plant material, education and community-building. City Grange sells organic and pesticide-free plants, garden tools and supplies, hosts gardening workshops and offers a job-training program for at-risk individuals called United We Blossom. City Grange takes inspiration from the historic Grange movement of the 1800s to advance modern-day urban gardening for everyone and promote the social and economic needs of communities. 

City Grange plans to open its second location in the Beverly/Morgan Park neighborhood in springFor more information, visit 

The Pies Have It! 

Guide to Local Pizza Places  

By Kristin Boza  

The stress of the holidays is fast approaching, so make it easy on yourself and indulge in the hot, cheesy goodness of pizza. Beverly/Morgan Park is lucky to be home to so many different types of pies, all of which are family-owned neighborhood staples that support the community while also keeping us fed. Looking to mix up your pizza night routine? Check out these delicious spots. 

Barraco’s Beverly
2105 W. 95th St. 773-881-4040 

From numerous locations on the south side, Barraco’s offers thin crust, stuffed crust, deep dish, and its Sicilian style pizza which has a traditional fluffy crust topped with fresh sauce, cheese, and toppings. Sicilian pizza is traditionally served on Dec. 7, the eve of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Barraco’s pizza is frequently purchased or donated for parish fundraisers and school fun lunches. 

Fox’s Beverly Pub
9956 S. Western Ave. 773-886-1616 

Since 1964, Fox’s has been a neighborhood favorite. As the restaurant expanded its locations, the original Beverly location is still one of its most popular destinations. “We appreciate our business here and all the generations of Beverly residents that have dined here or worked here for these past 55 years,” said Thomas Fox, owner. “Serving this community for so many years makes you realize how strong and wonderful the families are that make up Beverly!” Fox’s signature thin crust pizza is made fresh on site daily with fresh ingredients, and the recipes are carefully crafted to ensure the best pizza every time. The original pizza recipe is still in use today — why mess with perfection? 

Home Run Inn
10900 S. Western Ave. 773-432-9696
Still using the original family recipe developed by Mary Grittani and Nick Perrino in 1947, Home Run Inn has established a Chicago pizza empire. Pizzas are made with 100% all-natural ingredients, ensuring the freshest and pizza. The dough, made daily from scratch, is known for its buttery flakiness, and pays homage to the founders’ Italian roots. Patrons come for the crust, but stay for the sauce, for which tomatoes are peeled, pasteurized, and mixed with Home Run Inn’s propriety spice blend within two hours of harvesting in Modesto, Calif. As they say, “All you need is love and pizza. 

Milano’s Pizza
10945 S. Western Ave. 773-445-4010
Consistently ranked highly in neighborhood pizza polls, Milano’s is a carry-out or delivery pizza service that just celebrated 35 years in Beverly/Morgan Park. Fresh, imported mozzarella and a secret family sauce recipe make the extra-thin crust, thin crust, and stuffed pizzas some of the best in the area. For something truly unique, check out their chicken alfredo pizza or fajita pizza to up the flavor ante. 

Pizzeria Deepo
1742 W. 99th St. 773-840-3087
Pizzeria Deepo stormed the southside when it opened in 2012. The deepest of deep dish, their pizza is made with fresh ingredients and an incredibly thick, yet somehow light, crust. Pizzeria Deepo also serves a vegan pizza that is cheese-less and made with a special egg-less crust. The spot offers carry-out pizza, but many patrons enjoy the patio and BYOB options. 

Waldo Cooney’s
2410 W. 111th St. 773-233-9781
Since 1981, Waldo Cooney’s has served solid slices and a ‘just-right’ doughy crust to customers. Branch out from the typical pepperoni and sausage and try their BBQ chicken pizza, made with cfoohicken breast, onion, bacon, and BBQ sauce. Or their signature Mexicana pizza, made up of ground beef, onions, chili peppers, fresh tomatoes, jalapenos, and mozzarella cheese. 

Calabria Imports
1905 W. 103rd St. 773-396-5800 

Head to Calabria Imports to grab a pizza set-up — all the best ingredients are available to make a pie at home. Customers can head to the refrigerator section to choose their cheese, sauce, crust, and a variety of toppings and head home to enjoy creating their own perfect pizza. Calabria has been in business since 1988 and specializes in authentic Italian and American food and deli goods. 

Open Outcry Brewing Co.
10934 S. Western Ave. 773-629-6055
New to the pizza scene, Open Outcry’s Chef Cesar has perfected wood-fired pizza. These pies are some of the most innovative in the area, blending typical South Side ingredients with high-end options. Three Pigs pizza, for example, includes Open Outcry’s house sausage, plus pepperoni and prosciutto. The Chi Town is topped with braised beef, giardinera and fries — essentially a beef sandwich on top of a fired-up crust.  

Which pie is on the menu at your house tonight? 







CORE Fitness and Physical Therapy Expands

By Kristin Boza

After a successful 14 years in business, CORE Fitness and Physical Therapy, 2940 W. 95th St., has expanded and completely renovated its facilities to offer even more options for Pilates, massage therapy and physical therapy (PT).

CORE shared a building with a law office, and when the attorneys retired, CORE owner Diane Fidler saw an opportunity. Now, CORE owns the entire building and recently completed a vast renovation that allows the fitness and physical therapy studio to meet the ever-growing demand for individualized physical therapy and group Pilates classes. The studio has a much larger physical therapy area, including three private PT rooms, a private massage therapy room, and three fitness studio rooms, according to Terri McCabe, Pilates Manager.

Now that there’s more space, more classes have been added as well. This includes Aerialates, a combination of Pilates, barre, and other traditional moves that utilize a hammock hung from the ceiling to give participants the feel of flying through the air while strengthening their entire bodies. Group reformer classes are now available, which were previously restricted to one or two participants at a time due to space constraints. Finally, Beverly Ride-On, a separate entity, has its own studio space for spin classes.

“In addition to all the new class offerings, we also hired new physical therapists to accommodate more patients at a time,” McCabe said. “It’s really important to Diane and CORE’s model that we maintain a one-on-one philosophy with PT, and it’s great that we now have additional space to see more patients.”

CORE operates under the philosophy that Pilates is for every body, and each physical therapist is specially trained to incorporate Pilates movements into their patients’ PT program. People with chronic conditions, advanced athletes and senior citizens can all benefit from the Pilates method.

“Pilates can be modified and adapted for any chronic condition or limitation, but it can also be super high-level and intense for people looking to get stronger in their other sports,” McCabe said. “If you have limitations that don’t allow you to do other fitness endeavors, you can do Pilates — and if you’re already super active, adding in Pilates will make you perform better in other areas.”

Starting in October, CORE will offer complimentary PT screenings on one Saturday a month. To schedule an appointment or sign up for classes, visit or call 708-422-0990.

Business Spotlight  Sports + Ortho Revolutionizes Physical Therap

By Kristin Boza  

Sports + Ortho Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, 10909 S. Western Ave., takes a unique approach to physical therapy that focuses on revolutionary techniques designed to elevate patient outcomes. 

As a woman-owned, community-based, locally supportive PT clinic, Sports + Ortho owner Dahlia Fahmy requires her physical therapists to achieve higher levels of certifications in the Applied Functional Science (AFS) method, which takes an integrated approach to evaluating, rehabilitating, training and conditioning. Fahmy became a Fellow in AFS therapy six years ago, and quickly realized that this forward-thinking methodology is essential for her practice. 

“AFS is the understanding and evaluation of kinetic mechanics, which means that we look at people from head to toe,” Fahmy said. “After completing my fellowship, I decided to make it mandatory for my physical therapists to either get certified in AFS or become a fellow in the program — and we pay for them to go through that additional education. We are the only clinic in Chicago to have six AFS Fellows.” 

Sports + Ortho takes a different approach to physical therapy, and the focus on AFS means that each patient will receive consistent therapy, regardless of the therapist they see. “Not many people know what AFS is, and patients who have had therapy before at a different clinic come to us and recognize the different approach immediately,” Fahmy said. 

Aside from AFS, Sports + Ortho also focuses on manual therapy, which is a hands-on technique ranging from soft tissue mobilization and joint mobilization to dry needling, and muscle energy. “Our clinic is founded on manual therapy; each patient will receive it in addition to the exercise portion of their therapy,” Fahmy said.  

The clinic also offers custom-tailored programs for first responders, including time spent on the fire truck parked in the clinic’s parking lot. “We have all of the equipment and dummies needed for first responders to ensure they can get back to doing their job; they are able to work on the motions they need to do in their jobs every day,” Fahmy said. 

Fahmy opened up the first Sports + Ortho location in 2003, and she now has six adult clinics and one pediatric clinic throughout the city and suburbs. The Beverly location opened in 2005. “We are not a chain, and we have a vested interest in making people happy. We try to support everything in our community and be a part of the local fabric,” she said.  

Beauty Chamber Boutique Opens  

By Kristin Boza 

Last month, Beauty Chamber Boutique opened its doors at 2249 W. 111th St., offering on-trend clothing for women of any size. Owner Tina Haskin actually started the boutique in March 2018 as an online-only store, but took the leap to open a brick-and-mortar location after experiencing a major life event. 

“In December 2016, I lost my mom to ovarian cancer. At the time, I was an educator and social worker in a school. As I worked through my grief, I started to remember some of the things my mom taught me, and I used that advice to pivot from education to follow my passion of opening a boutique,” Haskin said. “My mom always told me to ‘dress for where you’re going, not for where you are’ and ‘when you look better, you’ll feel better.’ I took that to heart as I grieved her loss and made sure I got up every day to do my makeup and put on a nice outfit. Her death gave me the courage to take a risk and try something different with my career.” 

The color scheme of Beauty Chamber Boutique is an homage to her mother; the teal in her logo reflects ovarian cancer awareness, and the aquamarine is a nod to her mother’s March birth month. Now, Haskin helps women, from size small to 3X, find clothing that complements their body type and makes them look and feel great. Haskin is also a make-up artist and has a space for make-up tutorials within the shop. 

“Beauty Chamber Boutique is about fashion, but just as much about supporting women,” Haskin said. For example, she holds private appointments only on Tuesdays, which gives women who may be insecure about trying on clothes a private time to shop. Haskin empowers women by teaching them to style themselves and find gorgeous clothes for their body type. 

Haskin also has deep roots in the community, and was blown away by the support she received from business neighbors and her friends and family. “One woman was driving by when we had our grand opening, and she went home, baked some cookies, and brought them back to the event. She just wanted to welcome me to the community; all the support I’ve received has been very heartfelt,” she said.  

Visit Beauty Chamber Boutique Weds. through Sat., 12 to 7 p.m., or by appointment on Tues. Be sure to stop by on July 6 as Beauty Chamber Boutique goes ‘en blanc’ with all-white clothing items for upcoming White Parties. 

Promoting Community through Creative Collaboration 

By Kristin Boza 

When sisters Meg’n Barba and Katie Schickel founded Tranquility Salon Co. 12 years ago, they may not have understood the future impact they would have on the community. The salon, 9908 S. Walden Pkwy., has exploded in its drive to make a creative contribution to Beverly/Morgan Park by connecting people and being a touchstone for so many — plus offering great hair styles and unique products rarely found on the southside.  

“We feel so privileged to have this platform to get to know so many awesome people and be a connecting space for people and things,” Barba said. “I was 22 when we opened Tranquility, and it’s a completely different ballgame now because we really have owned our creative freedom. Katie and I are both single moms, and we’ve learned to be conscious and self-empowered in our business.” 

Tranquility is focused on staying up-to-date on the latest in health, wellness, and hair products. They are one of only two locations in Chicago that carry Mary’s Nutritionals, a CBD (cannabinoid) product that is naturally derived from hempCBD products from Mary’s Nutritionals are great for overall health and general wellbeing. I know people who use it for anxiety, sleep issues, pain relief, and other health issues,” Barba said. “We love carrying products that are beneficial to our customers; we’re really intentional and conscious about what we promote.” 

While interacting with so many people each day in the salon, Barba saw an opportunity to build a stronger community and find ways to make an impact beyond the salon. “We’re obviously doing things we love, and with the studio space across the street, we’re able to host concerts and art installations. We will continue to use our platform to help artists in the community thrive,” she said. 

Barba and Schickel realized they can be unique entrepreneurs and aren’t limited to what goes on within the salon’s doors. “When you first open a business, it’s about what your customers want, but also it’s about achieving your own goals,” Barba said. “I advise people to focus on what they love while owning their self-confidence and giving themselves permission to go after their dreams.”  

Everyone is welcome to be a part of the Tranquility experience, whether they get their hair done there or not. “The connectiveness and relationships are what make this business worthwhile. It’s been truly such an honor to get to know so many people and connect them with others to produce and create amazing things. We want people to know how awesome Beverly is and we want to help others get the word out about the cool and unique things that are going on here.” 


Cooking Healthy Summer Meals on the Grill 


By Kristin Boza 

Since Whole Foods Market opened three months ago in Evergreen Plaza, 9600 S. Western Ave., the neighborhood rejoiced to finally have fast access to the popular organic and natural grocery chain. 

The concept for Whole Foods Market is twofold, according to Kristi Malicoat, Store Team Leader at the Evergreen Park location. “There’s a misconception that everything is really expensive here, but I can feed my family a really nutritious meal that’s easy to make and also very filling for under $30,” she said. Malicoat encourages new shoppers to simply ask a team member for help when they shop, as they are trained to “build a basket on any budget,” according to Malicoat. She also encourages budget-conscious shoppers to check out Whole Foods’ 365 line, which is the company’s value-priced products. 

Shoppers should also know that not everything at Whole Foods Market is organic; in fact, the store has both organic and natural options. “Natural means the product contains no artificial ingredients, like colors or sweeteners,” Malicoat said. “Our organic products are properly certified as organic. Any team member can help shoppers find what’s right for them.” 

Malicoat grew up in South Bend, Ind., and worked in retail for years before landing her position at Whole Foods Market. One of the best things about the Evergreen Park location is that her team members, many of whom worked all over the city and suburbs for Whole Foods Market, can now work close to home.  

“We had about 15 team members transfer to our store from other locations — now they’re coming to work much closer to home. Many of them used to commute up to two hours, and now they have a neighborhood store that’s 10 minutes from their house. Their passion during the interview process was incredible; they’d been fighting for this store location and waiting for it to open. Their passion about the community is what got me excited to work here, too!” 

Summer grilling is easy with the help of Whole Foods Market products; Malicoat’s favorite is the Tequila Lime Spice. “It’s so good on shrimp, salmon or chicken, and you can also turn it into a dressing for a delicious salad,” she said. “You can get really creative with grilling, especially throwing vegetables and melon on the grill. We have many pre-marinated items for those in a hurry. We have plenty of fresh seafood, and also bags of frozen fish that can be thawed during the day and thrown on the grill for a simple and filling dinner.” 


Grilling with Whole Foods Market 


Tequila Lime Marinade and Dressing 

Ingredients (amounts are specific to personal taste!) 

Tequila Lime Spice 

Olive Oil 

Lime Juice 


Shrimp, either precooked or raw 

Whisk together the first five ingredients, then add in the shrimp until coated. Heat up the grill and spear the shrimp on a kabob; grill until cooked through. 


Side Salad
Get creative with the ingredients!  

Romaine Lettuce 


Whole Foods’ Flavor Bomb Cherry Tomatoes 



Dice all ingredients and pour the Tequila Lime Dressing over the top. Add the grilled shrimp for a complete meal. 

America’s Dog & Burger Opening Soon  

By Kristin Boza 

The community is getting a new hot dog and burger joint with a distinctly Chicago flair when America’s Dog and Burger opens this month at 9646 S. Western. This is the second location for the restaurant, the first located at Navy Pier. The restaurant company is owned by brothers Manolis Alpogianis and George Alpogianis, who both boast a wealth of restaurant and culinary experience.  

Manolis and George have been in the restaurant business together since 1995, and they grew up surrounded by chefs and successful restauranteurs. Their father and grandfathers owned and operated restaurants all over the city and north suburbs, and their mother is a chef. George followed in his mom’s footsteps and ultimately became the executive chef at Lawry’s, City Tavern and Rosebud restaurants — even gaining the strict foodie approval from Frank Sinatra. 

“We love the fact that the people of Beverly are so supportive and proud of their area,” said Manolis. “We share those values and we want to be a part of this community. We also believe in treating our staff right, and are proud to have the first three employees we hired back in 1996 still working for us at our restaurants.” 

The Alpogianis’ take a creative approach to traditional dog and burger fare. “We use fresh, never frozen, Certified Black Angus burgers on brioche buns, Bill Kurtis’ Tallgrass Farms hot dogs, organic chicken, fresh salads and hand-cut fries,” said Manolis. “It’s the food we love and grew up on, but we take a more farm-to-table approach and use less processed foods.” 

Customers can expect to find classic Chicago favorites, with lots of bacon and BBQ and bourbon flavors in the ingredients. While the Chicago-style hot dog is a staple, the menu features food for updated tastes, like the Louisville hot dog with a smoked cheddar sauce, beer-battered jalapenos, Cojita cheese on Texas toast and a Ghost Burger with hardwood smoked bacon, ghost pepper cheese, guacamole and onion strings. Their signature AD&B Burger comes with hardwood smoked bacon, white cheddar sauce, carmelized mushrooms, onion, pickle and the exclusive AD&B sauce.  

The spiced up food is complemented by a hip restaurant design.  

Aside from the great food and lively environment, America’s Dog and Burger is committed to establishing itself as an excellent neighbor. “We’re getting involved in local schools, churches, Little League teams and more; we know it’s important to give back to the community and be a part of it,” Manolis said.  They plan on being involved in the Beverly Breast Cancer Walk and other local events 

America’s Dog and Burger will open soon and each Saturday in May will feature special guests and fun events.  

Foodie Fridays at Cork & Kerry

By Talie Leeb 

It’s that time of year again, when the spring flowers are blooming, playoff hockey is on, and all up and down Western Avenue the restaurants and bars are opening up their patios and rooftops for customers who want to enjoy the breeze alongside their pint.  

At Cork & Kerry, 10614 S. Western, the beginning of spring also means the return, and revamping, of their popular Food Truck Fridays, now Foodie Fridays. That’s right, every Friday, May 3 through Aug. 30, the Cork will host a variety of not just food trucks, but pop-ups from some local restaurants. The food events will be in the Beer Garden, with food service from 5 to 8 p.m. and music 6 to 9 p.m. Customers will be able to grab a drink from the bar and food from the featured eatery while listening live local bands or Beverly Records on site to spin vinyl 

The Cork & Kerry team is excited to carry on their weekly Foodie tradition, so this summer when Friday night rolls around why not head over to the Cork’s Beer Garden for a pint and a bite. The May food line-up will feature the Corner Farmacy, May 3; The Fat ShallotMay 10; Calabria Imports GrillMay 17; Happy Lobster, May 2;, and Cheesies, May 31.  

Keep an eye on the Cork & Kerry’s Facebook page for the food calendars for the rest of the summer.