Think Before You Click: Ten Years Running  

By Brittany Wiley 
BAPA Business Liaison 

Ten years ago, a specialty running store, Running Excels10328 S. Western, opened their doors to our community.  Since then, Beverly Lynch has been providing us with a personalized shopping experience and quality products to ensure comfort, fit and support.   

But you don’t have to be a runner to shop there.   

Many people are now walking to get out of the house. We want everyone to know we fit walkers, runners and those who just need a comfortable shoe to use at work or to get around,” Lynch said.  The store also carries OOFOS sandals, a recovery footwear brand that absorbs impact and reduces the stress on your feet and joints. 

One of the foundations of Running Excels and their success is the fitting process.  They believe “the journey to your perfect pair of shoes is as unique as you are.”  

Lynch assesses your need by getting to know you, including your history of injuries and the type of exercise you do. She then analyzes your arches and finally your gait to give you shoe options tailored to you.  Customers can test out shoes on the treadmill or outside before making a decision.   

Running Excels was considered a non-essential business when the stayat-home mandate was put into effect.  The doors had to be closed, so Lynch found creative ways to continue serving her customers.    

Since 85% of Lynch’s customers are local, she was able to hand-deliver merchandise to their homes or offer curbside pickup.  She offered fittings virtually and brought customers several pairs to try on.  Wearing masks, outdoor fittings were added at the store.  Lynch still to offer these services if her customers are unable to come into the store because of health concerns. 

“The biggest change we made during this time was adding an online presence,” Lynch said.  Running Excels offers a full line of running shoes on their website,  Customers can search by fit online as part of Lynch’s continuing commitment to personalization.  More shoe colors and styles are available online, so even if you have an in-person fitting, you can order a shoe that isn’t available in the store.   

Lynch does not just sell shoes and running-related products in her store.  She has created a community with the Run Beverly group.  

“Many of the runners… are now lifelong friends,” she said.  Some have been running together since the store opened in 2010. “They are a welcoming, non-intimidating group,” she added. All are welcome at no charge.   

We are lucky to have a store like Running Excels in this neighborhood.  Beverly Lynch is committed to the physical health and comfort of our residents.  She has gone above and beyond to survive and serve us through COVID.  Even if you don’t need shoes, stop in for running shorts, socks, hats or even a mask.  We can do our part to make sure Running Excels celebrates another 10 years. 

To learn more, visit  Follow Running Excels on Instagram @runningexcels or Facebook, 


Think Before You Click 

By Brittany Wiley 
BAPA Business Liaison 

In the age of Amazon and coronavirus, ordering with the click of a button seems like the smart choice. Not only are we addicted to the immediate gratification but also the ease. You can shop without masks and hand sanitizer, without concern. But we challenge you to think further ahead. To think before you click.  

What will our decision to shop with a click do to our community? How is this affecting our hyper-local economy?  

Our neighbors own the shops and restaurants here. They serve our community with more than product but also with the intention of making Beverly/Morgan Park a better place to live. It is our duty as neighbors to do what we can to ensure that these places survive, and hopefully, thrive during this crisis. 

The idea to start a local Think Before You Click campaign came from a simple discussion with Robin Harmon, interior designer and owner of RMH Design, 1804 W. 103rd St. Like a lot of other small businesses, Harmon has had to downsize to survive. Her business has been around for eight years. It is established. She has a solid customer base. Quality products. So why is this happening to her?  

Because, too often, we as consumers don’t think about the livelihood of our local business owners: we browse, we click, it ships.  

How many of us during the last four months have bought décor, furniture and fixtures for our homes online? I would venture to guess a lot.  

Did you know that Harmon has direct access to vendors like Anthropologie, Surya, and Hudson Valley? Even if you aren’t in need of an interior designer, you can walk into Harmon’s Showroom and order rugs, lighting, décor and more, directly from her. And she can guide you through the process. You get quality products and connection. You are making a direct impact on our local economy. 

We know there are other businesses out there that are struggling to get their message out, or let people know about all their servicesBAPA wants to give you a voice, to create that connection with the community we serve. Reach out and we will help you bridge that gap.  

As consumers, we need to stop and think. Do you need to order from Instacart or can you stop into County Fair? Can you call Keith Lewis at Bookie’s for that new book for your child instead of getting it online? We can all make small changes to how we shop. It will make a difference. Think before you click and help your neighbor. And contact me at to share your ideas.  

Business Update 

By Brittany Wiley 

Welcome Andre Erving and Erving’s Companies, LLC. Erving started this brand in 2017, and it is the foundation for many other companies. Their goal is to help individuals and businesses succeed. Erving’s Training & Consulting provides Freight Broker Training & Consulting services for those who are interested in joining the logistics industry. The training course is one week, after training, students are placed with a brokerage to exercise what they learned. Erving’s Connect Logistics provides full service brokerage services to the logistics industry, including full and LTL truckload services, specialized services and rail services.  

Byron Wooten opened 1-800 WATER DAMAGE of South Side Chicago because of a passion for helping customers when they’re in a home or commercial property emergency. “We have top of the line equipment that’s designed to achieve the best results possible when dealing with any home restoration project,” Wooten said. “We offer competitive pricing for direct bill services and will work directly with insurance companies. Our focus is on quality with every service that 1-800 WATER DAMAGE offers.” The company openly communicates the customers about what’s their projects and works to ensure 100% satisfaction. . 

Beverly Dry Goods Brings South Side Pride to Walden  

By Brittany Wiley 
BAPA Business Liaison 

Mary Bujwid and her fiancé Jason Moss have been bringing South Side-inspired wares to the Beverly/Morgan Park neighborhood since January 2019.  Through their hard work and the support of the community, they will open Beverly Dry Goods bricks-and-mortar on Thurs., July 2 at 9915 S. Walden Pkwy (formerly occupied by Capsule).   

“I truly feel that there is nowhere else in the city where we would be as successful as we’ve been in such a short time.  This community makes Beverly Dry Goods possible, and we feel a large sense of responsibility to provide them with products they can be proud to wear, use in their home, or give as gift,” said Bujwid. 

In 2017, Bujwid and Moss moved to Beverly/Morgan Park.  They were drawn to the “clear sense of community” when they previously drove through on Moss’s motorcycle.  Bujwid explained that it was easy to tell, even just passing through, because “everyone smiled and waved, neighbors chatted in the street, families played in yards, [and] there were beautiful homes wonderfully kept and restored.”  They knew they wanted this for themselves. 

Bujwid grew up in retail and always wanted to open her own shop. After moving here, she was inspired.  She found her why. “No one was celebrating how special this neighborhood and the people are, so I decided to take that on,” Bujwid said 

Bujwid and Moss have created a hyperlocal line of candles, apparel and accessories with names that represent the neighborhood, “Walden,” “Longwood” and “Frunchroom,” to name a few.  They will be expanding their line to include beard balm, room sprays and diffusers.  

Dog treats will be making their way into the store shortly following the opening (their line is delayed due to COVID closures) to accompany the bandanas they’ve created for our furry friends.  The store will not only carry items for your pet, but it will also be dog friendly.    

Their desire to be pet friendly was not only inspired by their dog and the number of families with dogs in the community, but also because Bujwid had a vision for the store  “to be interwoven into the daily lives of customers and not just a place to go and grab something.”  She wants to be a spot for people to gather, to hang out, to feel at home.   

Support your neighbors and South Side pride at the new Beverly Dry Goods location on Walden or online at Follow their journey on Instagram @beverlydrygoods and 

Dance Gallery Goes Virtual 

By Kristin Boza 

Finding creative, yet productive, ways to conduct online dance classes is a challenge Marylee Sinopoli, owner of Dance Gallery Chicago, accomplished. No matter what happens with the stay-at-home orders this summer, Sinopoli and her crew of dance teachers are prepared to continue offering virtual lessons to keep their dancers moving. 

“We began virtual classes on May 4 for a 6-week session. It’s going really well; I’m not very tech-savvy, but I’m getting the hang of it,” Sinopoli said. “It was so fun to see all the kids’ faces. They are all excited to continue dancing and they think Zoom classes are normal now.” 

Sinopoli realized that Zoom, a popular program to host live virtual classes and meetings, wasn’t very conducive for a dance class because the video quality tends to be poor. She began researching and found a better streaming platform, which offers a much higher quality video, thereby enhancing the ability of the instructors to aid their dancers online.  

“We’re initiating the new online streaming classes for our summer session, taking place June 22 through July 30,” Sinopoli said. “We’re hoping the children will be able to come into the building for summer classes, but if we can’t, we have a solid back-up plan in place. This new system is much more high-tech and it looks so much better on the screen.” 

The added bonus of the online streaming platform is that teachers can pre-record their class so students can attend at their leisure. Plus, they can teach for a full hour, versus the 40-minute time limit on Zoom. “But we will have to modify our classes, as it is too difficult to give intensive combinations to our high-level dancers because they have limited space at home,” Sinopoli said. “We are continuing to work on technique and essential skills while having fun.” 

Dance teachers have conducted their classes in their Dance Gallery studios, and the classes have been staggered to allow only two teachers in the building at one time to ensure proper social distancing. Currently, Dance Gallery is offering 15 classes, and many students are signing up for them. “I think parents are itching to get some regularity in their child’s life, Sinopoli said. 

Although virtual offerings are the norm nowadays, Sinopoli can’t help but feel sad for what the kids are missing. “We miss rehearsals and being backstage. Our dancers are missing a big trip and performance in New York City this year. All that is cancelled and it’s just been a bummer of a year,” she said. 

To sign up for a virtual drop-in class, which runs through June 11, or to sign up for the summer session, visit  


City Grange Plans May 9 Opening

The opening of the new City Grange location at 1818 W. 99th St. has been delayed by the pandemic, but hopes are they customers will be welcoming them to the neighborhood in spring.

The company has ramped up its website and restocked its inventory to offer shoppers flowering plants and herb, vegetable and fruit plant accompanied with online education – items that are on the top of the request list.

City Grange is bundling complete garden kits and online classes together to help anyone be successful. Online classes are taught by City Grange gardening pros, and are interactive, so students can ask questions.
Because growing our own food more top-of-mind right now, City Grange is offering a wide selection of certified organic herbs, fruit and vegetable plants online for safe curb-side pick-up at their north side store or delivery anywhere in Chicago.

City Grange also offers a range of products from organic potting soils and composts, as well as containers of all shapes and sizes for decks, porches, patios and yards. Shop online at

Neighbors Helping Neighbors – Update

As we all keep our social distance it’s more important than ever that we are a community of neighbors helping neighbors: check on one another, follow the common-sense rules for keeping yourself and others safe, and remember to support local businesses. Thank you to all medical people, first responders and others who are staying on the job to make sure our country keeps running. BAPA will keep sharing community information and updates in The Villager, in our weekly enews, on social media and at

 BAPA staff is currently working from home and can be reached via email: Mary Jo Viero, Executive Director,; Grace Kuikman, Assistant Director and Villager editor,; Brittany Wiley, Business Liaison,; Cathriona Fey, Community Outreach and Improvement,; Tina Jenkins Bell, School Liaison,; Gary Jenkins, Community Safety Liaison,; and Talie Leeb, office manager,  

BAPA Cares Resources

Now more than ever, businesses and community residents need access to resources that will help them weather the pandemic financially, physically and emotionally. The new BAPA Cares resources website provides links to a wide variety of local, city, state and federal programs that can provide the kind of help you need. Click here to connect.

Ways to Help

Maple Morgan Park Community Food Pantry, 11030 S. Longwood Dr., needs donations of money and dry goods to meet increased emergency needs for people in 60643 and 60655. Needed are boxed cereal, canned chicken, tuna and salmon, bottled water and juice, pancake mix and pasta, as well as cleaning and hygiene products such as soap, disposable face masks, sanitizing wipes and diapers. Monetary donations also needed to purchase food from the Greater Chicago Food Depository; place cash and checks made out to Maple Morgan Park Food Pantry in sealed envelopes. Info: 773-239-3013 or Karen Overstreet

19th Ward Office staff and volunteers continue fundraising, organizing and delivering meals that are prepared by local restaurants for first responders, medical personnel and seniors. Support this ongoing effort through the GoFundMe

Turpin Cares is collecting food, hygiene products and donations to help homeless people and others in need in nearly communities. Find out what they need and how to donate

Get details and sign up for the Meal Train providing meals for OSF Little Company of Mary ICU, Emergency Room and Nursing Staff.

Quilters Trunk, 10352 S. Western, and 19th Ward Office are providing fabric to make face masks for medical personnel and first responders. Here is how it works:  Find plastic bags with 4 pieces of fabric (enough for 8 masks) in the blue tub that is being placed at The Quilter’s Trunk front door; make masks with two different fabrics (inside and outside); place completed masks back in the plastic bag and return them to the blue tub.  Questions?

At Beverly Bakery, 10528 S Western, the little food pantry in the front hall is open for those in need, accepting donations and giving food away, weekdays, 2 to 4 p.m. Beverly Bakery is also taking orders for carryout food weekdays until 1 p.m. Info: 773-238-5580.

Ways to Stay Healthy

Find teletherapy opportunities locally and learn about staying mentally healthy in The Villager

Telehealth services for those at risk of COVID-19 are available through OSF HealthCare Little Company of Mary Medical Center for people who show COVID-19 symptoms or are at a high risk for contracting the virus, but do not require emergency or inpatient care. To seek care through the program, call 833-673-5669. OSF HealthCare Little Company of Mary also offers expert advice on staying well during the pandemic, including a live chat. Click here to access the website

Beverly Yoga Center is offering classes online through their website

Barre it All Fitness offers online classes at  and click “on demand access” to sign up.

Do Good Movement, daily yoga for adults and children at

CORE Fitness and Physical Therapy offers a “virtual studio” option, Pilates and fitness classes 7 days a week, and physical therapy and telehealth appointments. Registration/info

Beverly Barre offers live Instagram workouts; get details at

Treadfit is posting workout challenges on Facebook,

Things to Do At a Distance

The Great Connections Beverly Discussion Group is now online to read and discuss excerpts from classic texts with powerful relevance to modern life. To join, RSVP Questions? Email Felicia or call 773-677-6418.

Chicago Public Schools remote learning continues. Visit your child’s school website, and .

Edna White Community Garden and Illinois Extension Master Gardeners will be planting gardens to supply fresh produce to the Maple Morgan Park Community Food Pantry. Keep up on the details and learn how to volunteer at the Edna White Garden Facebook page

Chicago Public Library tutoring and homework assistance through Brainfuse, 2 to 11 p.m. A valid library card may be necessary to access services. Visit

The Chicago Police Department has compiled a list of Internet Safety tips for parents and school aged youth

Community Resources

The City of Chicago has a created a Coronavirus Response Center website to provide residents with access to the latest information on a range of topics regarding COVID-19.

19th Ward Service Offices, 773-238-8766 or

Get COVID-19 updates from the Chicago Department of Public Health at

Eat, Drink and Shop Local

Our restaurants and stores need your business! Purchase gift certificates, order carryout meals from restaurants, shop online. Dollars spent helping our business neighbors helps our community stay strong. BAPA is updating local business info If you have a business update, email info to Brittany Wiley, BAPA Business Liaison,

Food and Drink

For many of the following businesses, details about their hours and offerings are available on their Facebook pages.

County Fair Foods, 10800 S. Western, is open from 7 to 8 a.m. for senior shoppers only; all others can shop after 8.

Southtown Health Foods, 2100 W. 95th St., is now limiting 10 customers at a time in the store. Curbside pickup and juice bar orders accepted via phone, 773-233-1856.

Markland Hubbard Gourmet Provisions, 1739 W. 99th St., 773-233-0632, is selling coffee by the cup or by the pound, as well as some pastries and gourmet packaged foods from Stonewall Kitchen and Frontier Soups. More about Markland Hubbard

 Ain’t She Sweet Café, Beverly, 773-840-3309. Carryout & Delivery through GrubHub.  Details

AndySunflower Café, 312-961-3171. Mobile, drive-up orders.

 Bani’s Beets, 773-599-9764. Curbside pickup and delivery.

Nine One One BBQ Shack, 773-238-9111. No-contact curbside delivery.

Americanos, 773-941-6787. No-contact curbside delivery and margaritas-to-go.

Original Rainbow Cone, 773-238-7075. Carry-out or delivery.

Waldo Cooney’s Pizza, 773-233-9781. Delivery.

Pizzeria Deepo, 773-840-3087. Curbside pick-up.

Horse Thief Hollow, 773-779-2739. Curbside pick-up Tues. through Sat., 4 to 9 p.m. New carryout menu.

 Nicky’s Grill, 773-233-3072. Carryout & delivery.

 Fox’s Beverly Pub, 773-239-3212. Carryout & delivery.

 Franconello, 773-881-4100. Curbside pickup and delivery.

Beverly Bakery and Café, 773-238-5580. Pick-up and delivery, until 1 p.m.

Calabria Imports, 773-396-5800. Curbside pickup and delivery, Mon through Fri., 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Sat., 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Manzo’s Burger was temporarily closed; check in at 773-779-5945 or

Swanson’s Deli, 2414 W. 103rd St., 773-239-1197, is open for pickup and delivery, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Mon. through Fri., and is now offering meal kits along with regular menu and take home meals.

Open Outcry Brewing Co., 773-629-6055. Curbside pick-up and delivery.

 Two Mile Coffee Bar, 773-614-8115. Order over the phone for pick up (assistance available on request).

Ken’s on Western, 773-238-0234: Free delivery and curbside pick-up, 4 to 8 p.m.; daily specials in addition to the regular menu.

Top Notch, 773-445-7218. Carryout.

 Hearty Café, 773-881-1000 carry outs; delivery via Uber Eats, Door Dash and Grub Hub.

 Lume’s Pancake House, 773-233-2323.  Curbside pickup, 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

 Barracos 95th Street, 773-881-4040. Area locations open 24 hours for carryout and delivery.

Business Services

SCORE mentor Kevin Scanlan is offering free virtual mentoring.  See Kevin’s profile here.  For more information, email

Support Local Businesses

Despite closures, businesses owners are staying connected with customers. Check out these options.

 Brach’s Auto Center, 10333 S. Western, provides all repair services with free vehicle pickup and drop off, no contact dropbox, and vehicle sanitization after service. Info: 773-238-0606 or

 Beverly Records, 773-779-0066. Shop via Facetime appointments.

 Turkey Chicago, 773-941-4751. Shop online or via social media.

 Belle Up, 773- 233-2442. Shop online or via social media.

Bookie’s – Chicago.  Shop online including digital and audio books.

Tranquility Salon.  Shop online.

Olivia’s Garden, 10730 S. Western, opens Sat., May 2, 10 to 4 p.m., limit of 12 customers at a time for social distancing. Details on Facebook

City Grange Beverly will be opening May 9 at 1818 W. 99th Street, using social distancing with customers and delivery  Find more info on Facebook  or the website 

Running Excels, 773-629-8587. Curbside pickup and delivery within a 5 mile radius; regular store hours open. Details

C&D Family Farms offers products from some of the favorite vendors from the 95th Street Farmers Market on their website The opening of the market has been postponed until further notice, but items ordered through C&D will be delivered to Beverly/Morgan Park on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Check in at the 95th Street Farmers Market Facebook for updates.



Beverly Unitarian Church is offering worship services via Facebook on Sundays, 10:30 a.m. followed by Zoom coffee hour chat. Archived services are available on the church’s YouTube page).

Trinity United Methodist Church, offering services at and church Facebook, Sundays 9:30 a.m.

Morgan Park Presbyterian Church is offering video streaming and phone-in worship. Details

On The Spot: 3 ‘Foodies’ Name Favorite Neighborhood Sandwiches 

By Claire O’Malley 

Our neighborhood isn’t known for having fancy restaurants with white tablecloths and waiters in tuxedos, but you can certainly find a lot of great sandwiches here. Which sandwiches are the best? Because of how many sandwiches there are I knew I would have to narrow down the field. Since I don’t have much culinary experience, I asked three people known for their great taste who live in Beverly/Morgan Park what they consider to be the best sandwich around. I only had two rules: that the sandwich had to be an actual sandwich and it had to be something I can currently order on the restaurant’s menu.  

My first interview was with Alvin Green, who was born in Mississippi but grew up in Rochester, New York. Alvin is a self-trained chef with a degree in economics who learned to cook from his family. Alvin’s favorite Beverly/Morgan Park sandwich is the Fat Chef from Horse Thief Hollow, 10426 S Western. I went to try the sandwich on a Sunday afternoon, and got to spend some time with the owner of Horse Thief Hollow, Neil Byers.  

The Fat Chef was created when the kitchen staff would throw a sandwich together with the leftovers from that day and it was so good, Neil decided to put it on the menu. The sandwich consists of pulled pork, smoked hot links and buttermilk coleslaw on a brioche bun. I’ve been to Horse Thief hundreds of times and I have never tried this sandwich before, but I will definitely get it again. It was delicious! 

My next interview was with Brendan Daley who was born and raised in Beverly/Morgan Park and still lives here today. Brendan is a manager at the Chicago Park district who bakes amazing pies and grills outside no matter the weather. His favorite sandwich is Da Steve from Ain’t She Sweet Cafe, 9920 S Western. Da Steve is a sandwich that has turkey, turkey ham and turkey bacon with melted cheese on a croissant. It also comes with giardiniera, but I had that on the side. This was the first time I’ve eaten at Ain’t She Sweet, and everyone was so nice! I will be going to eat there a lot more. 

My last interview was with Allie Bowles, who grew up in Beverly/Morgan Park and came back a few years ago. Allie works in admissions and marketing at Morgan Park Academy, and she also teaches barre classes and does healthy meal planning for Barre It All Fitness.  

Allie started working in catering when she was in junior high and was hooked! She went to college to study hospitality management and culinary arts with a minor in marketing. Her favorite sandwich is the buffalo chicken wrap from Manzo’s, 2353 W 111th St. The wrap is delicious, but is super spicy! It has fresh vegetables and crispy chicken, served with a ranch dressing that is made in house by owner Umberto Manzo. Even though it was spicy, I loved this wrap so much and I would highly recommend it. 

Overall, I would say that these three sandwiches are some of the best sandwiches I have ever had. They are all very different, so it is hard to pick one favorite. Readers: What sandwich do you think I should have tried? What do you think is the best sandwich in Beverly/Morgan Park? 

Email your answers to with “sandwich” in the subject line.  

(The Villager’s teen correspondent, Claire O’Malley is an 8th grader in the Academic Center at Lindblom Math and Science Academy. Her interests include art and theatre, and she has been a student at Second City for several years.)  


Barre it All Offering Mom and Child Yoga 

By Kristin Boza 

Yoga is known as an amazing workout and stress reliever, for both adults and children. Barre it All Fitness, 3202 W. 111th St., introduced Mother/Child Yoga classes to help moms connect with their children while engaging in a fitness practice that promotes mind/body wellness. Children should be at least five years old, or able to handle staying in a designated area for close to an hour, to participate with their moms in the class. 

“The benefits of offering a class for moms and their children are endless, with the biggest benefit being connection,” said Kelly Lucio, founder of Barre It All. “We live in a world where we are constantly distracted by electronics; this class gives parents and their children an opportunity to disconnect from the world for a full 50 minutes.” 

Lucio got the idea for mother/child yoga classes from her cousin, who posted the idea to Moms of Beverly and Moms of Mt. Greenwood Facebook pages to gauge interest. More than 100 moms said they would love to see a mom/child yoga option in the community. 

“This concept really took off in our community and spun into classes for birthday parties, sports teams, and Brownie troops,” Lucio said. “All of the classes and parties have been a positive experience for all. 

Mindfulness is a big part of yoga, and especially in the stressful times our country is experiencing now, participating in yoga will benefit moms and kids in numerous ways.  

“We teach participants about the power of your breath. No matter how crazy life gets, we can always come back to our breath!” Lucio said. “Meditation and mindfulness have real benefits and can reduce both stress and anxiety, which are both things that adults and children can suffer from. By teaching these techniques early on to children and teens, they become more resilient and we are better equipped to handle the potential challenges that life throws at them.” 

Lucio hopes to be back in the studio in April. However, if the studio must still be closed due to the “stay at home” directive, she intends to live stream the mother/child yoga classes online. Stay informed and follow them on Instagram (Barre_It_All_LLC_Fitness) and Facebook ( 

“The response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive. To see moms hold hands with their children in poses or during shivasana (a mindfulness practice), just warms my heart!” Lucio said. 

To sign up, visit To schedule a private event, email Kelly Lucio at 



Eat, Drink and Shop Local

Responding to the coronavirus requires us to maintain a safe distance – not what we’re used to in our close-knit, sociable community. Even from home we can work together to make it through these unprecedented times and stay informed on what is changing and what is needed. Below is a list of Beverly/Morgan Park restaurants offering carry outs & delivery and businesses offering special ways to shop. 

For many of the following businesses, details about their hours and offerings are available on their websites or Facebook pages.

County Fair Foods, 10800 S. Western, is open from 7 to 8 a.m. for senior shoppers only; all others can shop after 8.

Southtown Health Foods, 2100 W. 95th St., is open. Reach them on Facebook or at Offering groceries as well as a variety of beauty and healthcare products.


Ain’t She Sweet Café, Beverly, 773-840-3309. Carryout and delivery through Grubhub. Details

Beverly Bakery & Café, 773-238-5580. Carryout and Delivery. 7am-2pm Weekdays, 7am-1pm Weekends. Details

Barney Callaghan’s Pub -773.233.6829 – open 3pm – 7pm for curbside beer pickup.  $15 domestic cases, $25 import cases.

Horse Thief Hollow, 773-779-2739. Carryout and free local delivery Tuesday-Sunday 4PM-9PM, 25% off Crowlers on Tuesdays, merchandise available for purchase. Details

Open Outcry Brewing Co., 773-629-6055. daily 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., delivery or curbside pickup. Order 32-oz Crowler cans, kitchen menus items, gift certificates and merchandise. Credit card only.  Details

Swanson’s Deli, 773.239.1197 – open for pickup and delivery 10am – 3pm.  Now offering meal kits along with regular menu and take home meals. Details.

Pizzeria Deepo, 773-840-3087. Carryouts, curbside pickup. Details

Nine One One BBQ Shack, 773-238-9111. No-contact curbside delivery. Carryout. Facebook page 

Top Notch, 773-445-7218. Carryout.

Barracos 95th Street, 773-881-4040. Area locations open 24 hours for carryout and delivery.  Details

AndySunflower Cafe: 9920 S. Western Ave. Accepting mobile, drive-up orders. Details

Manzo’s Burger – 773.779.5945 – open for curbside pickup and delivery – For delivery orders please text your order and address to 773-349-0453. We will be delivering from 95th st. to 127th st. from Pulaski to Ashland  Details

Nicky’s Grill, 773-233-3072. Carry out and delivery. Details and menu

Ken’s on Western, 773-238-0234. Free delivery within 2 miles or curbside pick-up, 4 to 9 p.m. Details

Calabria Imports, 773-396-5800. carry out or delivery. Details

Fox’s Beverly Pub, 773-239-3212. Carryout and delivery, lunch and dinner. Details

Americano’s, 773-941-6787. 11060 S. Western Ave. No-contact curbside delivery and Margaritas-To-Go! Details

Franconello, 773-881-4100.  Curbside pickup and delivery, heat and serve meals and sauces. Wine Delivery Details

Bani’s Beets, 773- 599-9764. Curbside pick up and delivery. Details

Hearty Café, 773-881-1000 carry outs; delivery via Uber Eats, Door Dash and Grub Hub. Details

Two Mile Coffee Bar, 773-614-8115. Available for carry out. Place an order over the phone or through mobile ordering system for rapid pick up. Curbside assistance available upon request. Details

Pizzeria Deepo, 773-840-3087. Pay and order over the phone for curbside pick-up. Details

Retail Specials

Beverly Records, 773-779-0066. Shop via Facetime appointments or in store. Details

Running Excels, 773-629-8587. Shop by phone or by FB messenger. Curbside pickup contactless payment and free delivery within a 5 mile radius. Details 

Turkey Chicago. Shop online or via social media.  Details

Belle Up, 773- 233-2442. Shop online or via social media.  Details

Bookie’s – Chicago is open for shopping online including digital and audio books.

Steuber Florist 773.238.2013 – taking orders 10am-2pm Monday-Friday

Brach’s Auto – 773.238.0606 – All services available, FREE vehicle pickup and drop off, no contact dropbox, vehicle sanitization after service


Businesses Temporarily Closed

Beverly Arts Center 

Ohana Ice & Treats

Original Pancake House, 773-445-6100

Capsule Chicago

Starbucks 103rd and Longwood Drive

Health and Fitness

Do Good Movement: Daily adult and children yoga. Details

CORE Fitness and Physical Therapy: Posting daily workout challenges on Facebook: Details

Beverly Barre: Live Instagram workouts: Details 

Beverly Yoga Center: Online classes available: Details

Treadfit: Posting workout challenges on Facebook, Details

Barre It All Fitness, (872) 256-1397, 8-10 online live classes a day Sunday-Monday. For details and a free week visit us Here and click “free trial.”

Fit Code: Unlimited Virtual Training Sessions for 21 days with a donation of your choice. 70% of the donation used to buy gift cards from local businesses and 30% goes to trainers at Fit Code. Details

Dance Gallery 773.445.8910 Streaming workouts and dance classes on Facebook Details


Mental Health

Beverly Therapists – 773.310.3488 – offering teletherapy

Begin Within Therapy– offering teletherapy

Mirjam Quinn & Associates – offering teletherapy

C&D Family Farms has made arrangements with a few 95th Street farmers market vendors to distribute their products on their website. Coming soon at will be products from Honey and Jam, Feed Your Head vegan meats, Long Table pancake mixes and bread from Breadman Baking.

Eat, Drink and Shop Local

Our restaurants and stores need your business! Purchase gift certificates, order carryout meals from restaurants, shop online. Dollars spent helping our business neighbors helps our community stay strong. BAPA is updating local business info on this page. If you have a business update, please email info to Brittany Wiley, BAPA Business Liaison,

Infographic with 25 ways to support small businesses