BAPA Update 



New Neighbors Meet and Greet 

If you’re new to Beverly/Morgan Park and interested in learning more about the community and meeting other news neighbors in an outdoor, socially distant setting, you’re invited to BAPA’s new neighbor meet and greet on Fri., Aug. 14. Look for an invitation in the mail or contact BAPA, 773-233-3100 or to share your information.  

 Reach Out and Help a School Family 

The 2020-21 school year is quickly approaching as schools consider a return to the classroom, hybrid options or remote learning. After all that we’ve been through as a community and the continued run of COVID-19, our school families need support, and with your help, BAPA would like to arrange it. If you are a retired educator who would like to contribute to our community by tutoring area students,  contact Tina Jenkins Bell, BAPA School Liaison, 


BAPA Porch Concerts Continue 

BAPA’s popular Friday Night Live series of live streamed porch concerts is continuing!  Neighbors who have a porch or yard large enough to accommodate the musicians and some socially distancing neighbors, and musicians interested in performing are invited to contact BAPA, or 773-233-3100, for more information. Friday Night Live has been a real hit, with thousands of people viewing on Facebook. Concerts can still be accessed, in case you missed any of them!   


Take a Ride 

Enjoy one of the many splendid safe biking routes on BAPA’s new Bike Beverly online map. The routes offer several options that are family-friendlyavoid busy streets whenever possible, and feature stop signs and traffic lights. Find the maps at  


Take it Slow Out There 

It’s the summer of COVID and it seems like everyone is outside walking, running, skating and biking. For the safety of our neighbors, drivers need to slow down! BAPA’s Slow Down for our neighbors’ sake lawn signs are popping around the community, and now available to people who would like one for their yard or cornerEmail bapa@bapa.orgA donation of $15 will help cover costs.  


Weeding Wednesdays 

BAPA and the 19th Ward are partnering neighborhood volunteers to beautify public areas throughout the community. Volunteers meet at 9 a.m. on Wednesdays. Bring gardening gloves. For locations, email BAPA Executive Director Mary Jo Viero, 


Volunteer Opportunities for Teens 

Local teens interested in helping their neighbors and earning community service hours are welcome to join other teens already volunteering through BAPA’s Teen Service Corps. Contact Tina Bell for meeting dates and more information.  


Get the Job Done 

BAPA’s expanded, updated and easier-to-use online BAPA Trades Referral List is now available at www.bapa.orgLook for the BAPA Verified badge for companies that are BAPA business members and have supplied current letters of recommendation from local customers. Is your business interested in getting on BAPA’s list? Contact BAPA Business Liaison Brittany Wiley,   


Our Response to Readers 



In the July issue of The Villager, BAPA ran a front page article on the Moms of Beverly Facebook page and its anti-racism policy.  

The article generated more response that any other story in the 40 year history of The Villager. Some of the emails, calls and social media messages were from people who chastised BAPA for reporting on the local social media group that they perceive as anti-police and anti-white. (The group has clearly refuted those claims.) But more communications, by far, came from people thanking BAPA for sharing information about the Moms of Beverly and its policy that takes an unyielding stand against racism.  

The messages revealed how far we’ve come as a community since integration began here in the 1960s, and how far we have yet to go. Here are a few excerpts: 

“We cannot tout how our neighborhood is proud of its integration without admitting that there is still work to be done and the many people working to move the community forward in that direction. Our neighborhood will rise up against the hate and I’m glad BAPA ion the right side of history.” 

“I believe our neighborhood is at its best when we are inclusive and welcoming and diverse. I admire the work these women put into ensuring the page is safe for moms of color, and I commend BAPA for drawing attention to that work.” 

“I find it hard to believe that in this neighborhood, in this day and age, one needs to worry about an article about a group trying to be anti-racist for themselves and their children.”  

“To see that so many of my neighbors feel the same about combatting racism makes me love this neighborhood and feel confident that we made the right decision to move here.” 

“I think a lot of people misunderstood the message because they themselves have not learned more about racism and how it manifests, but a group like [Moms of Beverly] really pushes people to think.”  

For the BAPA staff and leaders, the response to the piece underscored how important it is to fight against bias of all kinds and work for productive conversations that will, finally and as fully as possible, bring people together.   

BAPA is confident that Beverly/Morgan Park is up to the challenge as a community where connection and support defines us. Look through the pages of this issue of this publication to see our neighbors, our volunteers, our local busiesses and our families togehter building community, supporting one another and our first responders, and working together to love where we live.  

The Villager highlighted the Moms of Beverly because of their commitment to anti-racism. As our reporter Kristin Boza wrote in the article, “In light of the actions and conversations taking place around racism across the country, the [Moms of Beverly] admin team decided an anti-racist statement was essential to move the group’s conversations forward, stating in part: ‘The reality is that discussing parenting is not possible in a diverse group of women unless conversations of race and equity are had. In this group, we will not be silencing the voices of Black mothers or anyone who seeks to be heard (except if you are blatantly racist) . . . We will, through our words and actions, oppose racism in all forms and seek to actively support initiatives that seek to promote equity and unity in our community.’ They asked all members to commit to anti-racism.”   

At BAPA, we don’t see every social media post or hear every conversation, but we read and hear a lot.   

We know that these are especially turbulent times, and that people are passionate about their beliefs. And we believe that we must always stand on the side of what is fair, just and inclusive. 

The overwhelming positive response from our community to the Moms of Beverly article is an affirmation of this mission.   


Beverly/Morgan Park Garden Walk 


After a rough spring and summer of cancelled plans and foregone gatherings due to pandemic restrictions, BAPA is planning an outdoor event that’s sure to restore community spirits: the Beverly/Morgan Park Garden Walk 

Join us on Sun., Sept. 13, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. to visit some of the neighborhood’s most beautiful private gardens and hidden spaces as the beauty of summer begins its transformation into the vibrant colors of fall. Gardens are being selected for their quality and variety, and will feature sunny and shady locations, and mixes of annuals and perennials, flowers and veggies, and formal and casual places. Details will be announced in the September issue of The Villager.  

Showcasing spaces throughout the neighborhood, the Garden Walk will be organized following safety guidelines that include planned physical distancing, staggered starting points and wearing masks. Fun and informative experiences will also be staged in many of the gardens, including tastings, garden tips and music. 
BAPA is recruiting Garden Walk volunteers (gardening knowledge helpful but not required) as well as sponsorships. For information, email or call 773-233-3100.  



Teen Corps Opens Door to Community Service, Creativity, Internships 

By Tina Jenkins Bell 

In June, BAPA Executive Director Mary Jo Viero unveiled the BAPA Teen Service Corps, an initiative to help willing youth build community service hours to satisfy school requirementsuse their talents to promote area businesses and create public service messages of kindness, collaboration, and eco-friendly actions, and benefit from workreadiness and personal narrative writing workshops as well as potential internship opportunities. 

“Teen Corps is their organization,” said Viero. “We hope they will not only use it to discover volunteer opportunities but create their own contributions.” 

Currently, there are approximately ten Teen Corps members, but the door is still open for anyone, between the ages of 12-18, who wants to join. Activities will be age appropriate. 

Since 1998, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) has required students to complete 40 service-learning hours to graduate. cites this reason “Service learning engages students in projects that serve the community while building social, civic, and academic skills.” Many Catholic schools have a similar requirement. 

Beyond school requirements, Teen Corps members have front row access to various community service events occurring in the Beverly/Morgan Park area. They will be allowed to create their own “service” activities, such as business promo videos to help businesses struggling to emerge from the devastating impact of COVID-19 as well as social media campaigns for promoting kindness and ecofriendly actions. 

Members will also benefit from internships and workreadiness, personal narrative writing, and other workshops. 

For more information, email Tina Bell, 

BAPA Update – July 2020 


We Loved Our Piccolo Parade 

Thank you to our neighbors for participating in the car parade on June 16 honoring the 50th anniversary of the death of Chicago Bears legend – and former neighbor – Brian PiccoloSeveral members of the Piccolo family were there, and Fr. Larry Sullivan from Christ the King –Piccolo’s parish – said a few words before the cars circled by Piccolo’s two homes in North Beverly.  


Planning for a Healthy Business 

Ivan Ruiz, Assistant Vice President of Business Banking at Beverly Bank, will present a free online workshop on planning for a financially healthy business Tues., July 7, 9 a.m. The workshop is co-hosted by Beverly Bank and BAPA.  

Ruiz will cover topics that include how an evolving planning process can help business owners make key decisions; how to convert a vague idea into a resource plan; the importance of a healthy personal credit score and relationships with lenders; how a business plan motivates stakeholders to support business ideas; and how to create a day-to-day action plan for running a small business. 

Advance registration is requested. For more info and registration, visit at Beverly Area Planning Association events page on Facebook or contact BAPA Business Liaison Brittany Wiley, 


Trusted Referrals: BAPA Launches Expanded Trades Listings 

Long before Google or Angie’s List or the Moms of Beverly, BAPA was connecting neighborhood residents with businesses they can trust to do good work for a good value. What began decades ago as a simple file listing the business information on index cards, the expanded, updated and easier-to-use online BAPA Trades Referral List is being relaunched this month at 

Neighbors can be confident in the information they are accessing online or via phone through BAPA’s staff. Look for the new BAPA Verified logo that indicates the company is a BAPA business member and has supplied letters of recommendation from local customers.  

Beverly/Morgan Park residents contact BAPA every day for referrals to businesses they can trust. Now, bringing customers and businesses together will be even easier. Businesses interested in signing on to the BAPA referral list can contact BAPA Business Liaison Brittany Wiley,   



On Your Mark, Get Set for 2021 

.We are sorry to announce that BAPA’s Ridge Run/Memorial Day Parade and Beverly Hills Cycling Classic have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will really miss being together for these community events and look forward to bringing them back – bigger and better! – next year. BAPA is working on a video version of the Beverly/Morgan Park Home Tour this fall. We’ll keep you posted!  


Picture Your Heroes 

Send your photo of essential workers, health care workers, first responders and others who have held down the front lines of safety, services, shopping and support to BAPA’s gallery of Beverly/Morgan Park. Email photos to  


Orchids & Onions 

  • ONIONS to whoever is stealing Black Lives Matter signs from people’s lawns. These thefts are aggressive – and illegal — acts that “silence” people who are standing up against racism.   


  • ORCHIDS to the group of hardworking Vanderpoel Improvement Association (VIA) volunteers who pitched in to transform an overgrown corner into a beautiful space at 97th and Prospect.  
  • ORCHIDS to the BAPA Teen Service Corps volunteers who are working to make a difference in our community. 
  • ORCHIDS to Horse Thief Hollow for supporting local artists in their new patio project. 
  • ORCHIDS to Southside KIN for providing free lunches for children and families.  
  • ORCHIDS to Two Mile Coffee Bar for opening a second store and bringing their coffee to 99th Street. 
  • ORCHIDS to all the amazing neighborhood gardeners whose hard work makes walking through the community an absolute gift of beauty. 
  • ORCHIDS to City Grange for investing not only in our neighborhood with a fabulous business but for beautifully restoring a historic property with meticulous attention to the original architectural details.  

Orchids to Free Store co-founders and volunteers Lucy Gaillard, Dale Ludwig, Greg Owen-Boger and Tim Noonan, and to the people who donate to this important resource.  


Bike Beverly: BAPA Creates Bike Map to Guide Residents, New History Mystery Puzzle & Online Store  

By Cathriona Fey 
BAPA Community Outreach & Improvement  

The past few months, you may have noticed an increase in biking activity throughout the community. In addition to the warmer weather, as social distancing guidelines and various closures and restrictions went into place due to COVID-19, many local residents and people across the country turned to bicycling as a form of alternative transportation, leisure and exercise 

Evident by the many bike stores in the U.S. are experiencing a shortage of inventorythe spike in demand for bikes has left many bike shops out of stock and long lists of pre-ordersAccording to the New York Times, “… since the pandemic upended daily life in the United States, cycling has taken on a crucial, sanity-saving role: bikes are a way to exercise while gyms stay closed and an inexpensive means of getting around cities where more than 90 percent of riders have abandoned public transportation.” With many new bike riders on the road and the idea that COVID-19 may have permanently changed the role of bikes into something more essential, promoting safe biking has become a priority for the Beverly Area Planning Association (BAPA). 

Locally, this increase in biking also comes as Beverly/Morgan Park prepares for the upcoming launch of new Divvy bikes and stations in the neighborhoodafter which we can expect even more biking activity throughout the community. Given these current and upcoming events, the importance of bike safety and identifying safe routes has been amplified. In addition to providing bike-friendly opportunities in the community, BAPA has been sharing bike safety tips throughout the spring and summer months. To further encourage safe biking, BAPA has also put together a Bike Beverly bike map that highlights recommended routes for navigating Beverly/Morgan Park.  

The need for safe bike routes and the fear of being injured while biking are often cited as barriers to people biking or properly following biking rules of the roadInformed by the City of Chicago’s recommended bike routes, safe biking standards, and local bike advocates, the Bike Beverly map allows residents to bike more confidently throughout the neighborhood. Encouraging crossing major intersections at street lights, riding with the flow of traffic, and guiding bicyclists near parks, schools and slower traffic speed areas, the Bike Beverly map has created a connected network of routes that will allow residents and visitors to safely experience and explore Beverly/Morgan Park by bike. 

The Bike Beverly map can be accessed online through the BAPA website ( Printed versions will soon be available 

History Mystery Bike Adventure Continues 

The new month brings a new set of clues for BAPA’s History Mystery Bike Adventure. In July, participants will bike through East Beverly to solve the latest History Mystery puzzle and compete for prizes. This month’s clues combine notable architecture, art, some spookiness, and some quirkiness to create a unique family-friendly bike riding experience. Locate your July History Mystery Bike Adventure on page (##), then solve all 16 clues to complete the puzzle. Take a picture and submit your completed puzzle to with your contact information. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will be randomly selected from entries with the correct solutionThe History Mystery Bike Adventure will feature a new part of the neighborhood every month through October. Good luck! 

Bike Beverly Merchandise Available 

Local bicyclists can now show their pride in and support for biking in the community by purchasing Bike Beverly merchandise from the BAPA online store. BAPA has an array of apparel for both adults and children available, as well as hats, stickers and other items for sale. Orders will be accepted June 29 through July 12. Go to to place your order today!  

BAPA looks forward to continuing to promote bike-friendly opportunities in the community throughout the summer. As always, practice safe biking and be aware of bicyclists on the road while driving. Be sure to tag BAPA on Instagram and Facebook and #beverlybikes2020 to show us your biking adventures! 


19th Ward Mutual Aid Continues to Assist Neighbors 

By Cathriona Fey 
BAPA Community Outreach & Improvement  

As businesses, parks, and other establishments begin to reopen, the 19th Ward Mutual Aid group remains busy assisting members of our community who have experienced difficult times and financial hardships during these last few months. Continuing to partner with various community groups and organizations, 19th Ward Mutual Aid has built up momentum and support from all corners of Beverly/Morgan Park to provide those in need, and those who want to help, with a place to go.  

Each Wednesday in the Beverly Area Planning Association (BAPA) Community Room, 11109 S. Longwood Dr., you can find Mutual Aid volunteers diligently packing up bags of first aid and hygiene products for patrons of the Free Store. Formed through a partnership with Turpin Cares, BAPA and the 19th Ward Mutual Aid group, the Free Store provides local residents in need with an array of products that have been donated on Wednesdays, 5 to 7 p.m. The Free Store has served over 200 families and distributed over 2,000 items. It will remain open as long as the need remains.) Donations are accepted and can be dropped off at the Free Store during open hours. 

On Tues., June 23, the first BAPA Teen Corps call was held to organize local teens interested in volunteering in the communityBAPA Teen Corps offers youth opportunities to build service hours, take advantage of work readiness and college personal statement writing workshops, and create service or volunteer projects. Teens got to work immediatelyhelping with BAPA’s Weeding Wednesday initiative the morning after their first call. BAPA invites teens to get involved. Want to know more? Join the BAPA Teen Corps Facebook Group or contact Mary Jo Viero, or 773-233-3100. 

Another Mutual Aid partnership which includes the Beverly Area Arts Alliance, Edna White Memorial Garden and Turpin Cares, has installed the community’s first Neighborhood Pantry Box. Located at the Edna White Memorial Garden on the corner of 111th (Monterey) and Esmond Street, the Pantry Box provides 24/7 access to various items to anyone who needs food assistance. Neighbors can donate shelfstable, unopened and not expired, food at any time. The Pantry Box was built and installed by Baird CampbellSal Campbell and Ross Weiler. For more information, contact 

To learn more about the 19th Ward Mutual Aid, follow them on Facebook for news and updates. If you need of assistance or would like to volunteer your services, contact or 773-980-6043.  



BAPA Concert Series Brings Local Music and Neighbors Together 

By Cathriona Fey 
BAPA Outreach and Community Improvement Coordinator 

In June, the Beverly Area Planning Association kicked off the BAPA Friday Night Live Front Porch Concert Series in an effort to support local musicians and bring live music and a greater sense of community to Beverly/Morgan Park neighbors 

Artists took to the stage (or porch) every Friday evening to play to a small crowd gathered with lawn chairs and cold drinks. Each performance was streamed live through BAPA’s Facebook page for all in the neighborhood to enjoy, each event receiving thousands of viewsAs Chicago entered Phase 3 of its reopening plan and residents began making their way back to restaurants, parks, and other leisure activities, BAPA Friday Night Live brought some muchanticipated family-friendly summer fun to the neighborhood.  

For the series, BAPA welcomed a line-up of talented musicians including, Matt, Zach & Tom; Megan Curran Combo; Michele McGuire + Steve McNamee; and Tom Rezetko,, Terry Morrow and Matt RezetkoEach performance brought a different genre of music, energy, and new faces to the porch.  

Neighbors of all ages enjoyed the performances, and gradually as the month went on, word spread and more people began attending these weekly shows. Artists were able to set-up a virtual tip jar or include online donation information for various community organizations so fans could show their support. With live music venues and bars unable to open due to COVID 19 restrictions, front porch concerts have become a way to bring the music to the fans and support musicians during these closures. In a community like Beverly/Morgan Park, there is no shortage of musical talent or fans and the success of the BAPA Friday Night Live Series came as no surprise. 

One of BAPA’s main missions is to bring our community together. Since we are unable to that with our traditional events, streamed concerts are a great way to fill the void. We have so many talented musicians in the community who haven’t been able to work, this concert series is a perfect fit for BAPA,” said Mary Jo Viero, BAPA Executive Director.  

BAPA would like to continue to support local musicians and community efforts to bring entertainment to the neighborhood by extending the BAPA Friday Night Live Front Porch Concert Series throughout the upcoming months, weather permitting. Are you a local musician interested in playing on a porch? Do you have a front porch or gathering space that is just right for a four-piece Jazz ensemble or the velvety sounds of an acoustic set on a summer night? We want to hear from you. Contact BAPA at to schedule a concert on your porch or to perform at one of these events; include Friday Night Live as the subject. BAPA will match musicians with homeowners looking to host.   

Beverly Area Public School Community Service Awards 

By Tina Jenkins Bell 
BAPA School Liaison 


Each year, BAPA’s public education committee gives out communityserviceawards to public school students who make a difference. Each public elementary school has the opportunity to nominate one student, who in their own way contributed to their community, including their school, their neighborhood, or elsewhere. Last month, The Villager profiled award winners from Kellogg School, Vanderpoel Humanties Academy and Morgan Park High School Academic Center. This month, we are pleased to profile winners from Clissold,  Barnard, Sutherland and Esmond elementary schools.  

Antonio Fox 

Clissold School 

Antonio Fox is a beam of light and hope. It is no wonder that Clissold Elementary School principal Jamonica Marion recommended him for BAPA’s 2020 community service award. 

The 13-year old Salutatorian logged in 357 volunteer hours over the last three years, which is 312 community service hours more than expected of him as a Chicago Public School student. 

“I like being in a community where I can impact someone’s life for the better. If we want to change the world, we have to do acts of kindness with our hearts,” Antonio said. 

Some of those acts of kindness include becoming a pen pal to Smith Village residents during the quarantine. At least seven of those residents have begun to routinely write back to Antonio, which is why he says he’ll continue to write them until for as long as they need him.  

“There’s a lot going in their lives, so why not bring them joy,” Antonio said. 

 At his church, Antonio works with parishioners who have special needs by keeping them company and helping them with cooking lessons and art activities. Since 5th grade, he has worked as a Special Olympics volunteer, helping to set up equipment, measure progress, and cheer the basketball, track, and baseball athletes to the finish line. At school, he has been a crossing guard since 5th grade and helps out at school open house events, doing tours and answering questions about the school.  

In addition to being a great student, Antonio was also president of the student council.  

For Antonio, volunteering is “a great thing to do to feel better about yourself and see people smile.”  

Angelica Davis-Smith 

Barnard School  

Angelica Davis-Smith, a 14-year old graduate of Barnard Elementary School, believes her principal Kathleen Valente nominated her for a community service award because she is respected, gets good grades, and was student of the month twice during her time at Barnard. She’s also a great observer who thinks before she speaks or acts, and that makes her discerning, an attribute of leaders and contributors. 

“I love helping people because it makes me feel good. I am able to help people who are less fortunate,” she said.  

For the past two years, Angelica has been busy helping others. She was a crossing guard during her 8th grade year, a volunteer in the classroom, and a member of REAL (Real, Educated, Ambitious, Liberated) Girls. 

As a member of REAL Girls, Angelica passed out food to people who were homeless, and visited other schools to clean up their public, lunchroom, and locker room areas. She’s also a great helper at home, sometimes cooking meals. 

The future chef, doctor, or artist, who loves to design fashions with her pen, plans to attend Morgan Park High School in the fall. She knows she has a lot more to give and accomplish, but in her words, “I am on my way.” 

The world is waiting, Angelica! 

Ava McCarthy 

Sutherland School 

Ava McCarthy, 14-years-old, a graduate of Sutherland Elementary School where Margaret Burns is principal, believes she was chosen for BAPA’s community service award by school leaders because of her long-time attendance and her cando and willingworker attitude.  

“I’ve been at Sutherland since kindergarten, and I’ve always been one of those kids to help others. That’s common knowledge,” Ava said.  

Ava is not only a contributor, she finds other ways to give, like creating solutions for common needs and problems. Accordingly, when Sutherland required 8th graders to complete a community service project, Ava could have gotten her signature sheet and located a church, neighbor or program for which to volunteer, and her time would have been well spent. However, she cares about the environment and wanted to promote climate change awareness among her peers. To do that, she sponsored a “save the planet” poster contest for 7th and 8th graders. Contestants had to create poster-campaigns that explored reasons we should care about the environment. Afterwards, a winner was chosen from each grade, and two people received a gift card from Ohana Ice and Treats, 1800 W. 103rd St.  

Ava’s other volunteer work includes watering the school’s garden, setting up for grandparents day, reading to young kids, participating in her school’s version of a student council, welcoming new kids to the school, showing younger students how to complete standardized testing on the computer, and setting up rooms for testing. At St. Cajetan Catholic Church, she made sandwiches to give to the homeless and worked with the food pantry ministry.  

Ava plans to attend the Chicago High School of Agricultural Sciences to study animal science because she loves animals and the environment and possibly fit in her interest in dance along the way. 

I feel like I’m a part of the community, and I need to help to make things better. I want to leave a good imprint of what I’ve learned and teach others lessons that I was taught,” Ava said, adding “That’s good stewardship. Right?” 

You bet, Ava. Beverly/Morgan Park needs more good stewards!  

RaMia Monden 

Esmond School 

RaMia Monden, a 14-year old artist and Esmond Elementary School graduate, was nominated for the community service award by Esmond’s International Baccalaureate Middle Year’s Program Coordinator Bernika R. Green. RaMia is a maker who saw the opportunity to use her expertise to help other Esmond students during the recent quarantine.  

“Every day is an experience and helping people is a good thing to do. Most people need that lift,” RaMia said.  

During the quarantine, students were required to switch from inclass to remote learning. Everyone was not able to make the transition, so RaMia helped them. As an artist and internet sensation with over 11,500 people following her art, she was one of the students Esmond teaching staff turned to help respond to students questions about navigating educational learning platforms. From this experience she learned, “You should have enough patience with other people and yourself while helping out.” 

RaMia, who plans to attend ChiArts High School this fall, is a commissioned artist already. She also uses her art to fight social issues, like bullying. 

“She’s always encouraging people through her art,” said RaMia’s mom, Rachel King.  

Keep messaging positive vibes, RaMia. These are the times for it! 

Top Tips for a Successful Job Search  

By Kristin Boza 

As the country faces an economic downturn for an unknown period of time, finding the perfect job becomes even more competitive. Beverly/Morgan Park resident Megan Connolly, Principal and Senior Consultant with Mercer, LLC in their employee listening practice, recently conducted a webinar, “The Psychology of Finding a New Job,” in partnership with BAPA to help job seekers refine their pitch and strengthen their ability to sell themselves.  

The art of business psychology is to think about the human challenges of the workplace and how to solve them through the science of people, according to Connolly. These tips are at the heart of her philosophy to ensure job searchers are presenting their strengths so hiring managers are seeing their potential in a role. 


Megan Connolly’s Tips for a Productive Job Search 

  1. Put Yourself in the Hiring Manger’s Mindset. Hiring managers are thinking about what skill set and strengths they need, and job searchersmust actively promote how they will fulfill those needs. Apply for roles where you know you can demonstrate the skills and strengths needed to solve the hiring manager’s challenges.  
  2. Show You Will be a Success on Day One.Ahiring manager is creating a role to help their business solve a problem or challenge. Be the solution! Consider the challenges the business is facing and demonstrate how the role you want will solve it. 
  3. Create a Strong Elevator Pitch. Develop a three-to-four sentence summary of who you are, what strengths and skills you are bringing to the role, and how you have been successful in the past. Place this summary at the top of your resume and LinkedIn profile. Hiring managerswill instantly understand how you can help them solve their business challenges. Don’t wait for a hiring manager to read your entire resume; instead, be upfront so you don’t end up in the “no” pile.
  4. Focus Your Search. Without focus, you risk applying for lots of opportunities without putting in the effort to demonstrate you thought about this business’s specific challenges and how you can solve them. If you don’t do this work for the hiring manager, it’s guaranteed that someone else will.
  5. Be Social and Vocal. Tell everyone you know about your job search and practice giving your elevator pitch. You never know where the next opportunity will come from.
  6. Improve Your Mindset. There is nothing about a job search to be embarrassed about. You are doing everything you can to improve yourself and advance your goals, and that’s something to be proud of!
  7. Be Polished.Make sure your resume is free from typos or grammatical errors, and be very aware of what you put on social media. When being interviewed virtually, be sure your background is tidy and orderly. These cues show the world that you are a conscientious candidate. 
  8. Make the Job Hunt Your Job. Set goals each day to improve your knowledge about your field. Read articles, participate in conversations, write a blog, and demonstrate that you’regrowingas a professional while job searching. Take some sort of job search-related action every day and be disciplined. Achieving these goals are a little victory each day to keep you resilient and confident.