Campaign Brings Awareness to Child Abuse Prevention

The Morgan Park Junior Woman’s Club joins the Prevent Child Abuse Illinois Campaign and thousands of other communities, organizations, and individuals across the nation, to raise awareness of child abuse, build effective services, and strengthen families.

As part of the Morgan Park Juniors’ campaign club members will display two banners and plant gardens of blue pinwheels during the month of April. The Prevent Child Abuse Illinois banners and pinwheels will be displayed at Beverly Arts Center, 111th and Western, and St. Christina field, 111th and Central Park.

The blue pinwheels are the national symbol of child abuse prevention because of their positive association with children and with happy images of childhood. They represent the hope that every child will be raised in a healthy, safe, and nurturing environment.

The Prevent Child Abuse Illinois Campaign provides excellent information that can be accessed online at

Each year, close to three million reports of suspected abuse are filed in the United States. Sadly, many more cases never get reported. Child abuse includes physical, emotional, and sexual abuse as well as neglect, which is failure to provide for a child’s basic physical, emotional, medical, or educational needs.

Most often, the abuser is someone the child knows, such as a parent, relative, neighbor, or friend of the family. Children who live with domestic violence, face numerous risks for abuse.

Protecting children is everyone’s responsibility! Join the Morgan Park Junior Woman’s Club by supporting the Prevent Child Abuse Illinois Campaign. Find more information at


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