Calumet Paint Talks Spring Trends and Wrigley Field Renovations

By Kristin Boza

Calumet Paint & Wallpaper, 12120 S. Western Ave., is dedicated to quality service and expertise, and their finger is on the pulse of home decor trends — which could be some of the many reasons why they were chosen as the paint experts and supplier for the major Wrigley Field renovation.

Owner Mark LaVelle is really excited to be a part of the Wrigley Field renovations. “The changes being made inside and outside the ball park are astonishing,” he said. “[The Ricketts family] has taken a baseball shrine and are returning it to the Taj Mahal of sports and a must-see tourist attraction in Illinois.”

Calumet Paint is starting the third year of its engagement with the Wrigley Field project. The store is responsible for matching all of the colors and have the formulas for each aspect of the project, supplying all of the paint for the buildings, inside and out.

Closer to home, and on a much smaller scale, Calumet Paint donated paint for a “tiny house” built by Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences students, which was featured at the Chicago Home and Garden Show and will be open for touring on BAPA’s Beverly Hills/Morgan Park Home Tour on Sun., May 21.

LaVelle, who attended Clissold Elementary School and Morgan Park High School, quickly said yes when asked for the donation. “We strongly believe in being proactive in our community. Tiny Houses have created a lot of attention; the innovation and use of square footage is truly amazing,” he said. “This will definitely be an exciting and positive event, and we’re proud to be a part of it.”

Calumet Paint employees are knowledgeable and experienced people who advise their customers on trends, tools, tips and materials. “All of our employees are experienced painters; they offer a lot of advice based on their experience,” LaVelle said. “In 2017, we’re seeing a lot of dramatic colors in paint, with shades of muted taupe, gray, burgundy, sienna and amethyst.”

LaVelle is also seeing a resurgence in wallpaper sales, with most homeowners choosing to use it on accent walls. “Wallpaper is a long-term commitment because of the cost. The designs are beautiful and there’s plenty to choose from,” he said. He warns that patterns are available for about two years, so if wallpaper is chosen, be sure to buy extra in case it needs to be repaired years down the road. Not only will it be hard to find at a later date, but it’s also essential to get extra wallpaper from the same run number as the original, since the color or pattern on other runs may not match exactly.

Paint is always advantageous for homeowners, since it’s inexpensive, can be easily changed and repaired, and it never needs to be removed. “I’m a big paint fan,” LaVelle said. “It protects everything inside and outside of your home. Anything that can deteriorate is protected by paint.” He advises using a good quality paint, since the colors are brighter, it adheres better and covers well, and it’s easy to clean.

Wallpaper and paint are two relatively easy ways to brighten your home. “Your everyday world is full of aggressive energy; you need to create your own serenity with your home,” LaVelle said. “Color has the power to affect how we feel mentally and physically. It’s a powerful design tool that can make rooms feel more calm, cheerful, comfortable or dramatic. Color makes a tiny room larger or a spacious one feel more intimate, without the time or expense of moving walls.”

To get a consultation for your own home paint/wallpaper renovation, visit Calumet Paint & Wallpaper or call 708-371-2240.


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