St. Barnabas Parish to Honor First Responders

St. Barnabas Church 10134 S. Longwood Drive

Recognizing the critical roles first responders play in our community and society, St. Barnabas Catholic Church will honor firefighters, police officers and paramedics /EMTs at a special Mass on Sunday, February 3, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. The celebration is an opportunity for parishioners and community members to thank them for their service and to pray […]

Free Yoga for Lower Back Pain for First Responders

Beverly Yoga Center 1917 W. 103rd, Chicago, IL

The Beverly Yoga Center at 1917 W. 103rd Street is offering 8 weeks of free yoga classes for first responders beginning on Wednesday, March 6th from 12-1 pm. The classes will focus on relieving lower back pain and are free to those who are interested. The classes will consist of simple stretches, breathing practices and […]