The Busy Life of Today’s Dads

By Kristin Boza

It can be argued that this generation of dads is way more hands-on than their predecessors. Two local men exemplify the modern dad image through their intense involvement in the lives of their children and the community as a whole.

Joe Richmond is a father of five: Marshay (22), Tyonne (16), Joey (15), Dylaan (10) and Josiah (6), and is an active coach and community volunteer. As chairperson for the Barnard Elementary School Local School Council (LSC), Richmond also became interested in joining BAPA’s Education Committee.

“BAPA’s Education Committee brings together the schools within the neighborhood to share resources, which was important for me as I was able to learn what other schools were doing and what ideas we could bring back to Barnard,” he said.

Besides his volunteering geared toward academics, Richmond is also a coach and holds committee responsibilities with Dylaan’s football team and the Ridge Park Water Rats Swim Parent Club. To strengthen the community as a whole, he volunteers with BAPA and the Beverly Ridge Homeowners Association “block buddy” program.

“There are many reasons why it’s so important for me to give back to my kids and the community. I want to raise some responsible citizens that we can be proud of, set a standard for giving back to the community/village that helped raise them, and to set a standard for others that move to our community of our expectations to keep our community strong, thriving and vibrant,” he said. “I also want to exemplify the standard that was set for me and my siblings growing up, to make our parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts proud. The community is only as strong as what you put into it. So if there is an opportunity for me to bring something back which will help our community, then I think I’m doing my job.”

Despite managing his kids’ intense schedule — and his own “day job” as a home inspector — Richmond relies on keeping a tight schedule to keep the family focused.  “The life of today’s parents is different than what it was like when I was growing up,” he said. “I’m scheduling the children’s extracurricular activities, from practices to games to additional training to travel sports…it poses a daunting assignment of trying to get it all done. The key is balance, scheduling, maintaining a good diet, exercise and rest.”

Phil Segroves is another dad who does it all. Segroves is the Director of Recruiting and Head Varsity Basketball Coach at Mount Carmel High School. In his spare time, he makes a point to give back to our community and his kids. When he’s not working the Gatorade station at the Beverly Breast Cancer Walk or helping at the Ridge Run he’s teaching his students about giving back to their community through their work at the Morgan Park Food Pantry and coaching Little Tykes basketball at Christ the King and coaching Little League for Ridge Beverly Baseball. Active in his faith community, Segroves also spends time as a member of Christ the King’s Men’s Club.

Segroves is the father of Luke (9), Seamus (7), Brendan (5) and Emmett (3). While that keeps him busy, he also credits the community for keeping all the kids in the neighborhood safe and on task. “Most every day you can walk down my block and see neighbors talking, sharing stories or leaning on each other in time of need. We here in Beverly still have ‘old school’ values, and I know my neighbors are watching my boys when I’m not, just like my neighbors did for my parents back in the ’70s and ’80s,” he said.

“My wife, Bridget, and I believe in our community and take pride in that. What better way to pass that down to our boys and instill the same sense of pride! I also feel an obligation to all the men and women who came before me and made Beverly the premier neighborhood to live in and raise a family,” Segroves said. “I’m a very small piece in the cog. If we all do our part and always look to lend a helping hand, we will continue to be the pride of the Southside.”


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