Bringing Out the Best In Our Neighborhood 

By Maureen Reilly 
BAPA Board President 

Beverly/Morgan Park neighbors, the last time I wrote to you our community, city, and country were at the doorstep of the coronavirus pandemic. I used the word “unprecedented” to describe both the fearsome challenges of COVID-19 and the remarkable response to the crisis from our community’s people, businesses and organizations. 

BAPA’s quick and nimble response to the crisis is a testament to the small yet mighty staff. Facing dire financial shortfalls as one special event after another was cancelled, BAPA invested whatever funding was available into meaningful programs that helped to lift our neighbors’ spirits and make their lives safer. BAPA developed creative initiatives to support local businesses as they scrambled to find new ways to serve their customers 

BAPA brings out the best in our neighborhood. I am so proud to support its work, and I wholeheartedly thank all of our neighborhood residents and businesses who have made donations to BAPA this yearI know that, for many, it hasn’t been easy.  

As the end of 2020 approaches, it’s clear that we’re not out of the woods with this pandemic. Although BAPA has been able to recoup some lost revenue with the Beverly/Morgan Park Garden Walk and the 12 Weeks of Christmas Raffle, there’s still way to go to cover the budget shortfall.   

If you are in a position to help, here are a few ways you can support BAPA: 

Use the BAPA membership envelope inserted in this issue of The Villager to make a donation using a check or credit card. Donations in any amount are sincerely appreciated.  

Go to and select Support BAPA to make a secure donation online. If you would like to make your donation in a series of smaller, more manageable gifts, call the office at 773-233-3100 to discuss that option.  

Participate in the 12 Weeks of Christmas Raffle by choosing the weekly packages you’d like to win and buying raffle tickets for just $20 each.   

Host a BAPA Block Challenge by inviting your neighbors to chip in on a joint donation.  

Gifts to BAPA – large and small – go right back into the neighborhood through initiatives that support our local businesses, unify our neighbors, beautify our public spaces, strengthen communitsafety efforts, showcase our outstanding homes and assist our schools and parks.  

Thank you again to the families and businesses who have already given generously and, in advance, to those who will answer this appealBAPA is still here because of you.  




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