BRHA Volunteers Carry on Long Tradition of Service 

The Beverly Ridge Homeowners Association (BRHA) was founded in 1939, and, except for a few years, has been serving the neighbors living between the Metra tracks and Western Avenue, 95th Street and 103rd Street with programs aimed at improving the community and bringing residents together. 

Current BRHA leaders, Peggie Grossman, president, and Megan Kreiter, vice president, have kept the association going during the constraints of the pandemic, staying in touch with neighbors via social media on Facebook and the BRHA Beat newsletter, and working projects like the spring Clean and Green and Ridge Park veterans’ memorial beautification. Now they need neighbors to join them in returning BRHA to its full schedule of activities and projects.  

According to Kreiter, BRHA has “taken a back seat” to COVID-19, but now that the City is opening up, she and Grossman are working on getting this important homeowner association revitalized.  

BRHA participation is open to all residents living in the service area, and help is always welcome in the form of ideas and input, volunteering, and supporting the BRHA as a member (annual dues are just $20).  

An important role for the not-for-profit organization is to listen neighbors’ needs, and respond with ways to improve the public spaces and lifestyle of the BRHA residents. Ridge Park and Hurley Playlot are both in the BRHA area, as well as Sutherland and St. Barnabas Schools.  

BRHA activities include the annual Easter Egg Hunt at Ridge Park; helping out at the Beverly Breast Cancer Walk and BAPA’s Ridge Run; attending 22nd District CAPS meetings; providing beautification at Ridge and Hurley Parks; and supporting food drives for the Maple Morgan Park Food Pantry. Volunteers are needed to help on all of these initiatives; Grossman and Keiter encourage neighbors to get in touch for details and be part of the BRHA revitalization.  

“More members mean more involvement in the neighborhood,” Kreiter said, adding that being active with BRHA is a great way to get to know your neighbors and the neighborhood. Because to the variety of activities, BRHA members can usually find a niche that fits their interest and schedule.  

Connecting neighbors is another important goal for BRHA. The BRHA Block Buddies program is designed to keep residents in touch with the people on their block, fostering communications as well as a neighborly interest in watching out for one another and keeping the block safe.  

BRHA also partners with BAPA and the 19th Ward Office on community projects, and supports local buisnesses.  

BRHA meets on the second Monday of the month, 7:30 p.m., usually at Ridge Park, though recent meetings have be hosted via Zoom. Email for information about the June 14 meeting and to learn more about how to get involved. Check out for general and membership information.  


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