Saturday, January 20, 2024

BAPA’s  second annual Big Night was a love letter to our community and a celebration of our continued commitment to Beverly/Morgan Park. We are truly grateful to our sponsors, OSF and the Raisleger Family. Special thanks to the Barraco family and staff for creating a beautiful event and to John Dreznes from Beverly Records for keeping everyone on the dance floor. What a night! 

We invite you to view our video presentation that we shared with attendees, and to enjoy our Big Night photo gallery. 

BAPA opened its doors as our community experienced a post-war building and population boom.  Over the years, our focus expanded from neighborhood beautification and zoning issues to larger concerns facing urban communities. Today BAPA’s advocacy includes small business development and support, community outreach, neighborhood communications and engagement, crime prevention, green initiatives, and continued improvement of our local schools and parks. Your support will help us provide 75 more years of service to Beverly/Morgan Park!