Beverly Improvement Association Continues Commitment to North Beverly  

By Brian Marchetti 

As generations of long-time residents and newcomers alike enjoy all that Beverly/Morgan Park has to offer, a century-old civic organization has made it its mission to both preserve and improve upon the neighborhood they love. 

The Beverly Improvement Association (BIA), founded in 1917, continuously addresses issues that affect the neighborhood, supports local businesses, and organizes fun events that foster a true sense of community. 

“We’re the oldest community organization under the BAPA umbrella,” Jim McAloon, President of BIA, said. “Our sole hope is to improve the quality of life and experience in the North Beverly neighborhood.” 

The BIA consists of 250 members, including nineteen directors and one president. The directors, who serve indefinitely, elect the president who serves a two-year term. There is an annual membership fee of $15. 

On Monday, May 20, the BIA held its semi-annual open meeting at Bethlehem Lutheran Church at 94th and Oakley. Several community leaders spoke at the event including, 19th Ward Alderman Matt O’Shea, Executive Director of BAPA, Mary Jo Viero, 22nd Police District Commander, Brian Kinnane, Carisa Parker, member of the 22 nd Police District Council and Erin Ross of the 95th Street Business Association. 

The guest speakers addressed issues including area crime statistics, the need to support local businesses, and the role organizations like BAPA play sustaining the neighborhood and putting on events. After their presentations, the floor was open to questions by attendees. Meetings like this are just one example of the role BIA plays in North Beverly. 

“What stands out about our group is that we pull together to do what needs to get done,” Molly Sullivan, a BIA Director, said. “Every sector of the community is covered by our efforts.” 

Those efforts include everything from reporting potholes, looking out for neighbors who need assistance, and anything else in the community that needs addressing. After BIA discovers an issue that needs attention, a member of the association serves as the point person and goes to the necessary organization, whether it’s the Alderman’s office, BAPA, or the police district. 

Beyond ensuring a safe and well-maintained neighborhood, BIA organizes a number of social events. Getting to know your neighbors and participating in the community not only fosters friendships, but lends itself to sustaining the small town feel that so many Beverly residents appreciate. 

“We had a bird watching event a few weeks ago,” BIA director Tina Bell said. “It was really nice to have neighbors you don’t see all the time and for us to have fun together. The more we know each other, the more we can support each other.” 

Everything worth having requires hard work and effort. All the benefits we enjoy in Beverly/Morgan Park, whether it’s fun events like Oktoberfest and Christmas Decoration contests or having a safe, clean neighborhood to live in comes not by chance, but by people who love where they live.  

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