Beverly CoLab Fitness Festival  

By Kristin Boza 

There’s a Beverly/Morgan Park fitness program for everyone, thanks to the numerous local small businesses that are dedicated to enhancing athleticism, flexibility and health. Jenny Harkins, owner of Treadfit, is bringing the fitness community together in a unique way during the inaugural Beverly CoLab Fitness FestivalSat., Aug. 10, Morgan Park Academy, 2153 W. 111th St. 

Attendees will buy a ticket for $35 ($25 for students age 16 to 21) that gives them the opportunity to choose three 30-minute fitness classes to sample. Between workout sessions, numerous local restaurants, salons and retail businesses will offer samples and a few items for sale for attendees to browse. Additionally, there will be live music, a tennis clinic and a recovery zone. 

“I have learned since opening Treadfit four years ago the importance of building relationships with other business owners and how collaborating and supporting each other can have a positive impact on your business,” Harkins said. “I wanted to create an event that highlights all of the amazing family run businesses in the Beverly area under the umbrella of health and wellness.” 

Participating trainers and fitness studios include: Barre It All, Beverly Barre, Beverly Yoga, Blazin’ Cycle, Core Pilates, Fit Code, Froyo to Fitness, Live and Believe, Monica Bright, Morgan Park Sports Center and Treadfit. 

Participating retailers, restaurants and services include: Bani’s Beets, Belle Up, Beverly Bank, Beverly Ride On, Beverly Tennis, Brow Boutique, Capsule, County Fair, Devin Nutrition, Home Run Inn, Horse Thief Hollow, Impact Physical Therapy, Keir Foot and Ankle Specialists, Little Company of Mary Hospital, Live and Believe (LAB), Marathon Sportswear, Marlo, Mrs. King’s Art Camp, Murray’s Browse and Brew, Nicky’s Grill, Open Outcry, Relaxation Station, Running Excels, Solution Graphics, Southtown Health Foods, Tranquility, True North Acupuncture, Turkey and You Glow Girl. 

All of the vendors will engage attendees in a fun way; for example, Marlo hair stylists will demonstrate how to use dry shampoo, and You Glow Girl is going to demonstrate how to create some fun hair braids.  

“Our area is so lucky to have so many small fitness businesses. When you step out of this neighborhood, it’s all franchises; we have this cool niche going on and we need to continue to highlight all the great things people are doing here in our neighborhood,” Harkins said. 

Harkins isn’t worried about losing her Treadfit clients to a competitor after they sample a new class. “It’s just not my mindset! I feel like when you positively support each other, it creates such a great and positive environment, as well as a better community. Our clients will feel that!” Harkins said. “When I first opened Treadfit, I was hesitant to do things with other gyms, but now I see that we can work together; we even offer reciprocal classes with other studios, like Beverly Yoga.”  

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