BAPA’s History Mystery Bike Adventure Returns in June 

BAPA’s History Mystery Bike Adventure Returns in June 

Last summer, when families were eager for COVID-safe activities, BAPA introduced the History Mystery Bike Adventure, a retooled, social distancing-friendly version of its popular History Mystery Bike Tour.  

A fun way to enjoy our beautiful neighborhood, harness sleuthing skills, and get in some active outdoor time, the History Mystery Bike Adventure will launch this month with one all new puzzle-solving challenge that people can solve all in a day, or any time during the summer. Just get your completed puzzle solution submitted by Sept. 15 to be entered to win prizes.   

The History Mystery Bike Adventure invites people to participate on their own using the map to guide you to locations throughout the community to track down the answers to clues that cover a wide range of topics about local history, architecture, landmarks and institutions as well as facts that are just for fun. Use the clue answers to solve the History Mystery puzzle. The game is available on BAPA’s website,   Find this summer’s clues here. 

Completed History Mystery puzzles answers can be submitted to BAPA via email ( with the subject line History Mystery to be qualified for prizes. 

BAPA encourages bicyclists to always practice bike safety and etiquette when riding.  



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