BAPA Porch Concerts continue this summer!



Congratulations to the 9300 block on Hoyne Avenue in North Beverly! Thanks to the number of households that support BAPA as members, you won this month’s Porch Concert Block Challenge, and you’ll be hosting an amazing live performance by the Smiley Tillmon Band at the BAPA Porch Concert on Friday June 10, 6 to 8 p.m. 

That’s right, by supporting the organization that serves everyone in our Beverly/Morgan Park community, the residents of 9300 S. Hoyne, their families, friends and neighbors from throughout the community will enjoy music by an incredible party with a great band, a local food truck and lots more! 

Who’s block will be next? 

The next Porch Concert Challenge goes out to the residents of East Beverly – 95th to 119th streets, Rock Island Metra tracks to Vincennes Road/Beverly Avenue. Become a bapa member or renew your membership online at The block within those borders with the most BAPA members by June 24 will host a concert by Pat Egan and the Heavy Hearts will play on July 8.  

Why a Challenge? 

BAPA’s popular outdoor concert series is in high demand from porch owners who want to host, but we can only host one a month.  Each concert costs approximately $1,000. Membership donations can be a big help in covering those costs.  

The BAPA Porch Concert Block Challenge will base porch selection fair on the blocks where the most residents are current BAPA members in each of five sections of the neighborhood.  

“It’s critical that Beverly/Morgan Park neighbors support BAPA,” said Executive Director Mary Jo Viero. “Membership donations from residents are the backbone of BAPA’s operating budget. The work we do keeping the neighborhood thriving, beautiful, safe, and strong benefits 100% of the people and businesses located here, yet only about 5% of the approximately 15,000 neighborhood households support BAPA financially. BAPA works hard to achieve what we do on a limited budget. With the support of our community, we can do even more.”  

Here’s how it works:  

Each area will have until two weeks before their concert date to get as many neighbors as possible to join BAPA. The block with the most BAPA members wins the concert and picks the porch.  

The Challenge Schedule  

July 29 is the deadline for West Beverly and the Aug. 12 Porch Concert featuring Rocks Off. Boundaries are 99th Street to 119th Street, California Avenue/Rockwell Avenue to Western. 

Aug. 26 is the deadline for Morgan Park for the Sept. 9 Porch Concert featuring Railway Gamblers. Boundaries are 107th Street to 119th Street, Western to the Rock Island Metra tracks. 

Sept. 30 is the deadline for Central Beverly for the Oct. 14 Porch Concert featuring Beverly Country Club. Boundaries are 95th Street to 107th Street, Western to the Rock Island Metra tracks. 

BAPA is looking forward to some lively competition for the Porch Concert block challenge. “It will be a fun way to get residents more involved with BAPA and to showcase BAPA’s 75th Anniversary in the community,” said BAPA Executive Director Mary Jo Viero. “Just like our neighbors count on BAPA to keep Beverly/Morgan Park strong and vital, BAPA counts on our neighbors to support our work.” 


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