BAPA Member Profile” The Duggan Family

Paul and Debbie Duggan, along with their twin 16-year-old daughters, have made their family home in Beverly/Morgan Park since 1980. The Duggans are avid supporters of BAPA and are happy to support the organization that puts our community on the map.

“It’s a great community organization that adds value to the Beverly area,” Paul said. “It’s a voice for the village and it helps represent the neighborhood’s needs and wants.”

The Duggans particularly look forward to the Ridge Run and Memorial Day Parade. “I love the community spirit; these types of community events bring a good feeling and you know that we live in a unique place,” Paul said.

Paul recognizes BAPA’s publicity efforts that bring attention to our South Side neighborhood. “People [further north] don’t always know what Beverly is, but when they find it they fall in love with it. Beverly is a nice community with large lots and the Metra runs through it, making it a great place to live since it’s easy to get downtown.”

When the Duggans adopted their daughters from China, Paul was particularly aware of the way the community welcomed the girls into the fold. “It’s a neat place to raise a family because it’s so inclusive. The nature of our community is that everyone’s welcome. I think BAPA contributes to that feeling of inclusivity in the community,” he said. “There are a lot of adopted kids from all over in this neighborhood, and each one is welcome. We’re very lucky to live here and I have no intentions of ever leaving!”


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