BAPA Housing and Historic Preservation Committee

By Liam Millerick

BAPA Property Preservation Services

The residents of Beverly/Morgan Park have done an excellent job preserving the old and historic homes within our neighborhood. BAPA is revitalizing it’s Housing and Historic Preservation Committee to revisit housing initiatives and identify buildings that may need proactive attention and planning, and to provide expanded resources for owners of older properties.

The committee brings together local historians and experts in architecture, property preservation and historic preservation, as well as several community members who live in, are concerned about or are stewards of local historic properties.

Among the committee’s goals is providing more resources to residents looking for ways to continue maintain or restore their properties. The BAPA Home Expo will be held Sun., Feb. 24, at the Beverly Arts Center, and feature businesses that provide home improvement trades and resources and “break-out” sessions geared towards restoration and rehabilitation of older homes.

The BAPA Home Expo will also launch a series of speakers and workshops dedicated to providing expert information on topics related housing preservation and maintenance.

Although local historic districts provide recognition of and some protections for the buildings that make our neighborhood unique, aging properties and underuse of certain facilities can put some buildings at risk. The BAPA Housing and Historic Preservation Committee is compiling watch list of properties and researching ways to proactively protect the buildings that create our architectural and historic legacy.

Neighbors interested in learning more about property or historic preservation in the community can contact me at