BAPA Donor Spotlight: The Malloy Family

By Kristin Boza 

BAPA is incredibly lucky to have so many wonderful supporters in our community. The Malloy family — Kevin and Beth with their kids Christian, Patrick, and Molly — moved to Beverly/Morgan Park six years ago and have been steady BAPA supporters ever since.  

“When we first moved to the neighborhood, we heard about BAPA’s wonderful origin story and knew we wanted to donate. Since then, we have learned of all the great work BAPA does for the Beverly/Morgan Park community, and we want to keep supporting that work,” Kevin said. “We think it is important for others to get involved and support BAPA, whether by time, money, or both, and to help keep our neighborhood vibrant and thriving here on the South Side.” 

As an avid runner, Kevin is especially fond of the Ridge Run. He declares it the best race in the city and says it has a great reputation in the running community. “Every year, I overhear people who are not from the neighborhood talking about how lovely, and hilly, it is in this part of the city,” he said. “It is such a great event that gets people from other parts of the Chicagoland area into the neighborhood, and it is always a great time to connect with others to kick off the summer.” 

The Malloy family attends BAPA’s Home Tour each year to enjoy experiencing the unique architecture in the community. Beth is particularly fond of the Beverly/Morgan Park Garden Walk, which the couple say is a great addition to BAPA’s summer event lineup. 

“What makes our community special is the diversity and closeness of the community. It’s a place where neighbors really look out for one another,” Kevin said. “BAPA is a great way for newcomers to get involved in the neighborhood events, meet new people, and develop a true sense of pride. ‘Love Where You Live’ is the perfect slogan for BAPA and Beverly/Morgan Park.” 

The Malloys agree with BAPA’s strategies to support local businesses. “Starting and keeping local businesses is always a challenge, but local shops and restaurants really are the lifeblood of a thriving community,” Kevin said. “BAPA does a good job of promoting and utilizing them, which I think really does make a difference.”  

“BAPA is a great organization that adds a lot of value. I would recommend keeping BAPA at the top of your list when thinking of worthy organizations for your donations. Its role in preserving our neighborhood really makes it unique and is a testament to what we can all do to work together to lift up the community,” Kevin said. 


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