BAPA Donor Spotlight: Kyle and Ashley Gardner 

By Kristin Boza 

Kyle and Ashley Gardner donate to BAPA in order to continually reinvest in our community. Kyle likened their commitment to BAPA to the homeowners on their favorite HGTV shows. “The designers and homeowners on those episodes carefully deliberate about what investments they should make so that the space reflects them and their desired use of it post-renovation. Beverly/Morgan Park, of course, is already a beautiful neighborhood that doesn’t need a major makeover, but investing and maintaining and improving its beauty and character feels like a duty to us as residents and stewards of the neighborhood,” he said. 

Kyle grew up in Beverly/Morgan Park and has fond memories of the Ridge Run and Memorial Day Parade. “I enjoyed having the streets closed for a day so my brother and I could ride our bikes on them for a few hours,” he said. “As an adult, I enjoy enduring the communal test of adversity that is the 5K, especially the hill on 103rd, and celebrating our survival at the end with a wonderful parade.” 

Ashley and her mom love to get inspired by BAPA’s Garden Walk, and they enjoy brainstorming ways they can change their own gardens after seeing the bountiful blooms of the featured landscapes. 

The Gardners spent an entire year looking for the perfect home, and have been settled in Beverly/Morgan Park for nearly two years.  

“The neighborhood is unmatched in the level of passion and dedication of its residents, plus unparalleled convenience being so close to downtown,” Kyle said. “I have met people from Beverly in other states and cities, and there always is an instant connection unlike any other.” 

The Gardners are members of the Cosme Park Advisory Council (PAC) and they appreciate the work BAPA has done to connect various PACs around the community.  

“We have a mission to make Cosme Park the most accessible park so children of all abilities can come play with their friends. The PAC is still in its nascent stages of fundraising and development, but we have benefitted greatly from not having to reinvent the wheel and learning from other local PACs,” Kyle said.  

Committing to the community is paramount for the Gardners, and Kyle says that they knew that purchasing a home here meant that they were investing in the whole community. “We are happy to continue supporting BAPA, as well as other neighborhood programs, so Beverly/Morgan Park can continue to grow and thrive for generations to come,” he said. 


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