BAPA Donor Spotlight: Bob and Nancy Barrett 

By Brian Marchetti 

While BAPA strives to preserve and promote the Beverly/Morgan Park neighborhood, none of its work would be possible without the generous contributions of its donors. Today, we extend a much deserved thank you to donors Bob and Nancy Barrett. 

With deep roots reaching back far into the community’s past — two generations on Bob’s side and three on Nancy’s — the Barretts have been supporting BAPA since 1997. 

“We have a lot of pride in Beverly,” Nancy said. “BAPA has always had the best interest of the community at heart, and they work hard to have a stable, integrated neighborhood.” 

Bob spoke of the role BAPA played in integrating the area during the white flight and political uncertainty of the 1970s.  

“I always thought they should make a documentary about Beverly and Oak Park on how integrated neighborhoods can thrive,” Bob said. 

A major part of that success stems from BAPA’s efforts to foster community through events like the Ridge Run, Home Tours, which continue, and the Snowflake Ball and Music Under the Stars, which were popular for many years. According to the Barretts, these occasions offer great opportunities not only to have fun, but to get to know their neighbors.  

“We always try to support the events,” Nancy said. “We’ve been involved with the Ridge Run both as participants and volunteers. We are big supporters of the Beverly Arts Center and its programs. It brings the community together to have pride in how the neighborhood looks and it’s the people that have made the difference. Our beautiful close-knit neighborhood is unique in the city and BAPA has helped us flourish.” 

The Barretts’ pride in Beverly/Morgan Park extends back to their childhoods. Both attended St. Barnabas School; Bob was one year ahead and went on to graduate from Brother Rice High School and Nancy earned her high school diploma from Mother McAuley. They continue to support their alma maters and are active members of St. Barnabas Church. 

“Our families always knew each other,” Bob said. “Sometimes, we would see each other at the pediatrician’s office.”  

Bob has been in the IT corporate industry for 40 years and owns a small business called Tier One Partners that he operates from the third floor of his home. Nancy works at Rush Medical Center as a research coordinator for a study on aging. They have three adult children, Colleen, Danny, and Marty.  

Thanks to Bob and Nancy, not only will BAPA continue to thrive, but so will Beverly/Morgan Park. They had one last thing to say before concluding the interview: “We love where we live.”  


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