BAPA Board Profile : Brian Wilson: Maintaining Positive Momentum 


By Kristin Boza 

With an entrepreneurial spirit, BAPA Board Vice President Brian Wilson is spearheading the economic development committee and assisting in BAPA’s efforts related to economic development within the community. 

As a Board member for the last five years, Wilson has sought ways to bring a fresh perspective to BAPA initiatives, particularly as they relate to finance. Wilson owns his own investment banking firm and works with entrepreneurs, start-ups and Fortune 1000 businesses.  

“It’s been interesting to see which things translate well between businesses and non-profits/community organizations, and which things don’t translate as well,” he said. “I believe the BAPA team has done a tremendous job at refreshing its programs, communications platform, and events and has collaborated more with community organizations and stakeholders.” 

Wilson’s future goals for BAPA are to maintain the positive momentum to ensure forward motion. “We will continue to collaborate with community schools, businesses, and organizations for events and programs, as well as helping local groups best utilize BAPA’s unique communications platform,” he said. “We also want to try to establish relationships with new families in the area soon after they move here.” 

BAPA is dedicated to ensuring every community member and organization within the community is assisted in any way possible. By developing programs, events and assistance opportunities, the BAPA Board and core team can fulfill its mission.  


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