Awnings Complement Classic Homes 

Awnings are a perfect feature to enhance a home’s historic look and keep it cool in the summer. Chesterfield Awnings, a BAPA verified trades business, has been serving the Beverly/Morgan Park community and surrounding areas since 1958. They offer numerous styles, fabrics, and features to complement any home’s classic look. 

From residential and commercial awnings to retractable shades and patio and pergola covers, awnings can provide much-needed shade outdoors while also helping to keep indoor temperatures consistent. In fact, the original purpose of awnings was to cool down the inside of a home, before air conditioning was common in homes.  

According to Dave Ausema, owner of Chesterfield Awnings, canvas awnings are an energy efficient way to cool down a home in a hot summer. A 10-foot awning can keep a home’s interior about 10 to 15 degrees cooler than the outside temperature.  

Awnings protect buildings from the sun and look great, giving homes and businesses a pop of color and personality.  

Chesterfield Awnings has hundreds of fabric styles, colors, and options to choose from. Sunbrella’s fabrics are recommended by the Skin Cancer Federation to aid in the prevention of sun-induced damage to the skin, making that brand a great for patio spaces. Chesterfield Awnings representatives can help customers find the right fabric and style to match their home and needs. 

Ausema said that awnings don’t need much maintenance, aside from removing them in the fall and putting them back up in the spring. Storing them during the harsh winter can help prolong the life of awnings and protect them from accumulating snow and ice. Chesterfield offers seasonal storage.  

When awnings are up, be sure to sweep any dirt or debris from them, and if they require a deeper clean, use a dish soap/water mix and a soft brush to tackle stains. 

If you have a uniquely shaped window or specific shade need, Chesterfield can design and build custom fabric structures. They will follow up with a digital photo rendering so the customer can see how the structure will look in their space.  

Chesterfield Awnings is proud to be a family-owned business that has served thousands of homes and businesses in the Chicago area. Every product is built locally and expert crews are on-hand to install each piece. Customers can visit the showroom at 16999 Van Dam Rd., South Holland, or company representatives can bring samples to your home. Call 708-596-4434 to make an appointment.  


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