Groff Painting 

By Marianne Walsh  Aaron Groff recalls the moment he realized house painting was not for everyone.  “I was attending school at the Cleveland Institute of Art. After waiting tables, my […]

Next Steps to Save the Pike House 

  Through the RHS/BAPA Historic Buildings Committee (HBC), Ridge Historical Society and Beverly Area Planning Association are working to save the historic Eugene S. Pike House, located on 91st Street […]

Vintage Home Focus: Stained Glass

By Marianne Walsh   Chicago has a long and storied history of stained glass. After the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, builders overwhelmingly embraced this majestic element of design for more […]

Village Viewpoint

By Mary Jo Viero  BAPA Executive Director  I feel so lucky right now!  I know that sounds corny because you see that word everywhere during St. Patrick’s Day season, but […]