August Education Update

By Tina Jenkins Bell 

BAPA School Liaison 

This is a great time of year. Graduations have long been celebrated. Vacations and staycations are still fresh on our spirits. Not far off in the distance, schools get ready to reopen in the fall, and former high school seniors plan their treks to universities across the state and country.  

Three young residents and Teen Corps members who have worked diligently on our community’s behalf are Mary Kate Carey, Edith Casas, and Frank Viero.  


Mary Kate Carey  

Teen Corps Secretary 

High School: Mother McAuley  

College: Purdue University 

Major: Pre-pharmacy 

Aspiration: I want to work in a hospital pharmacy setting 

Community service commitment: I plan to continue the work I started with Teen Corps by helping out around campus. 

Edith Casas 

Teen Corps President 

High School: John Hancock College Prep 

College:  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 

Major: Civil Engineering 

Aspiration: I want to work for a big corporation one day. My grandpa was a civil engineer. He worked for the city and would go to buildings to make sure they were actually doing construction effectively before giving them their permits and funds. That’s what I want to do. I want to make sure the city is running smoothly.  

Community service commitment: I decided to join Teen Corps initially because I wanted to build service hours and volunteer experience that I could share on my college applications. But once I got involved and became a member of the Teen Corps Board, I enjoyed meeting people outside of my normal circle, like the artist we worked with to produce street art for the Beverly Art Walk. The folks from BAPA and my fellow Teen Corps Board members have been great. Meeting all these people opened my  mind and exposed me to new experiences and opportunities. 

Frank Viero 

Teen Corps Volunteer 

High School: St. Ignatius 

College: University of Missouri 

Major: Journalism 

Aspiration: I want to become a war correspondent and share with the rest of the world the stories we don’t often hear about.  

Community service commitment: While a Teen Corps member, I assisted in tree plantings, beautification efforts, and event set ups and break downs. 


MPHS Has New Principal 

Morgan Park High School has a new principal, Daniel Kuzma. Kuzma is very excited about engaging the community with Morgan Park High School as well as sharing how great the students, school families, teachers, and staff are. Whether resident or alumni, if you have a talent, skill, or idea to share with MPHS, Kuzma wants to hear from you at  

Concert Fundraisers 

The Beverly Area Arts Alliance (The Alliance) hosted the first of two backyard concert fundraisers to aid the Morgan Park High School band in July with the MPHS alumni jazz band opening for guitarist and lyricist Chris Connelly. The next concert features Environmental Encroachment and will be held Aug. 13. Find details at  


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